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カーディフ大学Fertility Status Awareness Tool(FertiSTAT、妊よう性状態認識ツール)調査プロジェクト

本プロジェクトは、現在妊娠を希望している全ての女性の方を対象とし た調査となります。(妊娠に向けて何かしていなくても)ごく最近から妊娠したいと思い始めた方も対象となります。


 About FertiSTAT

One of the most important issues in determining health behaviour is how we perceive our own health and illness. Successful public health campaigns have used a strategy of increasing public awareness of certain illnesses by researching the relevant health indicators for each illness, ensuring most people are aware of the signs and symptoms of such diseases (e.g., cancer, heart disease). Such research has highlighted that these can be used to monitor needs for health care, and evaluate the effectiveness and impact of health care programs.

The majority of couples will get pregnant after trying for 12 months. However, for a small number of couples it may take longer. There has been little research highlighting the main indicators for those that might take longer to get pregnant. In addition few people know the signs of reproductive disease or the risk factors for fertility difficulties. Therefore we have developed a free tool to increase awareness about the risk factors for fertility difficulties.

The FertiSTAT is a free tool to help women make informed decisions about their fertility providing personalised guidance on lifestyle factors that impact on fertility and when to seek timely medical advice (if desired).

For enquiries about the FertiSTAT please contact Professor Jacky Boivin: Boivin@cardiff.ac.uk

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