Conferences & Upcoming Lectures (2009-2010)

  • A DIY guide to assessing your own fertility.  Fertility Show (in support of the patient advocacy group Infertility Ntework UK), London, November, 2009
  • Why psychology is important in fertility medical care. Faculdade de Psicologia e de Ciências da Educação da Universidade de Coimbra, Portugal, November, 2009.
  • Stress in male partners and outcome of fertility treatment. Plenary Session: Frontiers in Male Fertility. British Fertility Society, January, 2010
  • Male infertility – Impact and implications of diagnosis. Psychosexual Aspects of Male Fertility. British Fertility Society, January, 2010
  • Positive reappraisal in the cancer experience: Personal and professional reflections. Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, University of Basel, Basel, Switzerland, February, 2010.
  • Fertility Summit: Innovations in Patient-Focused Therapy.  Barcelona International Convention Centre, Barcelona, March 2010.
  • Infertility-related stress in men and women and its impact on treatment. Joint annual meeting of the Special Task Forces on Mild Approaches in Assisted Reproduction and on Developing Countries and Infertility. European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology, Rome, July, 2010.
  • Behavioral Medicine and Infertility American Society for Reproductive Medicine, Invited Faculty
  • Optimising success rates in fertility treatment by optimizing patient care.  Australian Fertility Society, October, 2010, Adelaide, Australia
  • The Psychology of infertility – central issues relevant in different phases of the infertility experience. ESHRE Campus Course, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, December, 2010