About Us

Helping you become in-Psych and in-Sync with your fertility potential

We study all aspects of fertility health to better understand the experiences of men and women trying to become parents. Our work creates the science to support you because it:

  • Helps to better document the experiences of people trying to conceive: Our research examines biological, individual, relational, cultural and societal factors that influence fertility decision-making and fertility potential. Our fertility quality of life tool – FertiQoL – is used worldwide to document the impact of fertility problems on wellbeing.
  • Supports people trying to conceive: We use our science to support patient advocacy groups that provide you with science that matters. Our free evidence-based leaflets include ‘Stress and Infertility’, ‘Should I seek Medical Help’, ‘Labelling problems rather than people’.
  • Optimises conditions for fertility: We have many support interventions. Our free tool FertiSTAT helps people know more about their fertility and seek timely medical advice (when needed). Our PRCI tool helps people to cope with the stressful two-week waiting period before the pregnancy test.
  • Guides professionals to take a patient-centred approach in their care of people trying to conceive: We publicise widely our work in medical journals and at national and international conferences. We edited the Guidelines on Counselling in Infertility to make widely known the principles of patient-centred care to infertility counsellors. We create tools to assist doctors and patients in emotionally complex decision-making situations like amniocentesis and embryo disposition.
  • Provides the evidence that policy makers need to prioritise fertility issues: Our science has informed and highlighted the importance of fertility issues in the 21st century to national and international scholars, practitioners, researchers and policy-makers in developed and less well developed nations.