Sharing and online identity

Learning and teaching resources on the topic of sharing content and managing your online identity.

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Making your online identity count: Build your online profile
The second of two tutorials that explores how you can develop an effective online identity tailored for a professional environment. This tutorial will help you identify appropriate online tools to build and develop your professional profile. It also covers how to establish useful professional networks, interact effectively in online communities, and manage, organise and connect your online profiles to keep them up-to-date.
Making your online identity count: Know your digital footprint
The first of two tutorials that explores how you can develop an effective, professional online identity. This tutorial discusses why an effective online identity matters in professional life, helps you review your digital footprint, and highlights areas where you may want to make changes.
Tools for sharing content concept map
A concept map showing the main practices associated with sharing content together with links to relevant tools.
Concept map