Search and discovery

Learning and teaching resources on the topic of finding good quality information and keeping up to date with new publications.

To use an individual resource in your teaching materials (in accordance with the terms of the licence), either link to it directly via the Preview button or click on the file download button. Cardiff University students can also access tutorials and some other resources via the Study Skills section of the Intranet.

Resource title and description Type
Searching beyond your reading list using LibrarySearch
A short online tutorial aimed at introducing key search techniques for researching a topic via LibrarySearch.
Searching beyond your reading list using journal databases
A short online tutorial aimed at introducing key search techniques and resources for finding journal literature.
Keeping your research up-to-date
This tutorial guides you through the basic procedures for optimising current awareness in your research field. It demonstrates how to set up various types of alerts and highlights a range of other tools and resources to ensure you keep up to date efficiently and effectively.
Identifying the key ideas to research
An activity to help identify key ideas or concepts before beginning research.
Literature searching cycle
Image illustrating the literature searching cycle.
Finding appropriate sources
This Xerte tutorial is aimed at postgraduate taught level students. It covers:
  • planning a search
  • identifying the key information resources to use
  • effective search techniques
  • how to access full text of documents online, and
  • how to use databases to keep up to date with new publications
Evaluating the evidence: finding good quality information online

This Xerte tutorial, aimed at 6th form and further education students, covers: defining the scope of your research topic, search techniques for getting the best out of Google and search tools and web sites for finding good quality, freely available information.

This tutorial is part of the Evaluating the Evidence suite created to support schools offering the Advanced Welsh Baccalaureate.

Google search tips
A selection of simple tips and tricks to improve the accuracy and relevance of your results when searching via Google. The video is also available on YouTube in Welsh and English. A transcript is available.
Creating a mindmap
A customisable PowerPoint slide featuring an example of how you can create a mindmap to help plan a search for information on a topic.
Google Scholar – How to access journals off-campus
This video shows how to access journals while off-campus using Google Scholar.
Google Scholar – Essential tips
This video shows top tips for getting the best out of Google Scholar:
  • Tip 1 - How to focus your search
  • Tip 2 - How to access the full text
  • Tip 3 - How to set up email alerts
  • Tip 4 - How to use the "Cited by" links
  • Tip 5 - How to set up your reference management software
Finding items on your reading list
Video giving top tips on finding items on a reading list. The video can also be found on YouTube in English and Welsh. An accompanying text guide is available.
Finding information
The University Library Service's quick video with top tips on finding information for your studies using the electronic resources available at Cardiff University. It can also be found on YouTube in English and Welsh. A transcript is available.