Iain Perry

Iain Perry

A graduate from Cardiff University, I am currently working on a multiple projects with Professor P. Kille as a Ph.D student including:

Investigate altitude adaptations of earthworms

Investigating attitudinal speciation of earthworms in the Azores

and developing a 3D protein structure printing service.




Previous work includes:


Perry, I. A., Szeto, J., Isaacs, M.D., Watson, P.D., Rose, R., Gealy, E.C., Scofield, S., Hayes, A.J. (2017) A novel technique for producing 3D printed scale models from microscope volume datasets for use in science education, outreach and engagement. in press. EMS Engineering Science Journal. in press

Perry, I. A., Sexton, K. J., Prytherch, Z. C., Blum, J. L., Zelikoff, J. T., BéruBé, K. A. (2017) An in vitro versus in vivo toxicogenomic investigation of prenatal exposures to tobacco smoke. Applied In Vitro Toxicology. in press

Benzonana, L. L., Perry, N. J. S., Watts, H. R., Yang, B., Perry, I. A., Coombs, C., Takata, M., Ma, D. (2013) Isoflurane, a commonly used volatile anesthetic, enhances renal cancer growth and malignant potential via the hypoxia-inducible factor cellular signaling pathway in vitro. Anesthesiology. 119(3) 593-605


email: perryIA3@cardiff.ac.uk