Szabolcs Hernadi


My name is Szabolcs Hernadi and I am of Hungarian nationality. I started my scientific carrier in the city of Pécs, Hungary where I studied Biology. During my Bsc I developed a particular interest for earthworm (E. fetida, E. andrei) toxicology (seasonal structure changes in chloragogenous tissue). Thereafter, I started my Diploma/Master thesis at the University of Pécs – Faculty of Sciences, Hungary In the lab of Dr. Molnár László. I investigated the haemoglobin production of chloragogenous tissue. Therefore, during a semester’s Erasmus+ programme, I participated in molecular biology research in Cardiff University (United Kingdom) where I was working on E. Fetida haemoglobin genes identification and the expression changes due to bacterial challenge.

During my PhD I will focus on defining an evolutionary conserved NanoParticle associated Adverse Outcome Pathway (NP-AOP) for immune cell cytotoxicity. Nanoparticles (NPs) may obtain elicited entry into immune cell through hijacking the very  endocytic system designed as a central component of the innate immune response (Kunzmann et al., 2011).  We will exploit primary cultures of invertebrate immune-cells to visualise the cellular uptake, cytotoxicity and innate immune-cell response elicited by NP exposure. Through adopting a system toxicological approach we will temporally resolve the pathway by which the NPs elicit their toxicological impact on the population immune-cell isolated from the earthworm Eisenia fetida and woodlouse Porellio scaber.