Python Workshop

As part of the Summer School we are running an Introduction to Python in Astronomy workshop, lead by Dr Edward Gomez. Because we only have a 2 hours session we will not have time to get you all set up with a fully working Python distribution.

We will be using a cloud based environment for all the examples, demos and exercises – SageMathCloud

An invitation to join the course “STFC python workshop” has been emailed to the address you have registered with. We recommend you sign up in advance of the workshop on Tuesday 25 August.

IPython Notebooks

All of the course materials are available for you to download from Edward Gomez’s GitHub account.

Even if you have Python installed on a laptop you are bringing, it is still recommended to follow the SageMathCloud course because there will be no time available to debug specific issues your own set up may have.

git 4 astronomers

We have some simple git tips for you.