Public Lecture

We are pleased to announce a public lecture on the spectacular Rosetta Mission will be held in partnership with the STFC Summer School and the National Museum of Wales.
In 2014, the European Space Agency’s mission Rosetta captured the World’s imagination as it rendezvoused with Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko and deployed a lander, Philae, to its surface. Prof Mark McCaughrean, Senior Science Advisor at the European Space Agency will give a behind-the-scenes view of the mission, its history, its 10-year journey to reach the comet, and the exciting events that have been taking place there. Mark will also present some of the early results as scientists unlock this treasure chest of information about the formation of our solar system and the origins of water and perhaps even life on Earth.

Tickets for this lecture have been reserved for STFC Summer School participants.