Andrew Jaffe — Latest Results from Planck

Mark Hannam  — The Sound of Black Holes Colliding

Mark Sullivan — Supernovae and LSST

Don Pollaco — Exoplanets: Planned and Future Instruments

Paul Roche — Outreach

Sarah Bridle — Quantifying Dark Energy Using Cosmic Shear

Sarah Bridle — What is a PhD

Edward Gomez — Intro to Python

Annabel Cartwright — Beyond Astronomy

Carole Mundell

Rosie Bolton — The Square Kilometre Array

Gerry Gilmore — GAIA Mapping the Stars

Peter Coles — Statistics in Astronomy

Derek Ward-Thompson  — Story of Star Formation

Loretta Dunne — Digging the Dirt on Galaxies

Amelie Saintonge — Understanding Galaxy Evolution through molecular and atomic gas studies of galaxies

Jo Dunkley — The Cosmic Microwave Background

Sheila Rowen

Richard Bower