Handbook for information literacy teaching

“Information literacy empowers people in all walks of life to seek, evaluate, use and create information effectively to achieve their personal, social, occupational and educational goals. It is a basic human right in a digital world and promotes social inclusion in all nations.”
UNESCO (2005) Alexandria Proclamation (pdf)

This new 4th edition of Cardiff University’s Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching (HILT) embraces the concept that information literacy (IL) forms a component of a wider portfolio of learning literacies which should ideally be regarded holistically when designing curricula for our students.

Information literacy frameworks (such as A New Curriculum for Information Literacy and the new Association of College and Research Libraries Framework for Information Literacy for Higher Education, as well as the Digidol Framework for Learning Literacies) are advocating more flexible, meta-literate approaches which promote collaboration with academics to combine expertise in delivering teaching that encompasses various learning literacies to deliver the greatest benefit to students.

To this end, we have included new introductory chapters, on the strategic context of information literacy and advocating IL, to equip our librarians to open discussions with their academic colleagues on integrating information literacy into the taught curriculum.

This new 2016 edition of HILT also brings a whole new chapter covering the understanding of approaches to learning, to help librarians to design effective learning activities which appeal to students who may prefer to learn in a variety of different ways.

We also address emerging issues around the sustainability of IL teaching, such as achieving economies of scale through means such as collaborative teaching and moving some of our provision, such as library induction, into online formats. New technologies for creating online materials are introduced, along with case studies and examples reflecting some of the good practice which is happening at Cardiff in the creation of open and shareable resources.

As the Handbook reaches its 4th edition it has become a purely online publication, enabling the content to evolve continuously and collaboratively in order to reflect new developments in teaching theory and practice.

We hope you find HILT to be informative and valuable to your IL teaching practice. Feedback and suggestions can be given via the HILT home page and we welcome and look forward to your comments.

Janet Peters
Director of University Libraries and University Librarian
Cardiff University
June 2016



Chair of HILT Group

Erica Swain


HILT authors

Andrew Blackmore

Rebecca Mogg

Delyth Morris

Joe Nicholls

Stephen Ratcliffe

Susan Smith

Erica Swain


Aditional HILT Group members and HILT contributors

Scott Pryor

Rob Sell

Rosemary Soper

Alison Weightman

Zoe Young


Case studies contributed by

Matthew Davies

Delyth Morris

Sarah Nicholas

Sarah Puzey

Susan Smith

Zoe Young


Creative Commons Licence
The Handbook for Information Literacy Teaching by Cardiff University Library Service is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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