The mission of the Research Unit on European Governance, Identity and Public Policy (EGIPP) is to examine and compare continuity and change in the institutions, politics, policies and societies of leading European states. Particular emphasis is placed on the role of cross-national networks of expert and political elites in processes of European integration and Europeanization. Four conceptual foci predominate: Europeanization, convergence, multi-level governance, and identity formation.

Consistent with this mission, EGIPP seeks to promote world-class standards in ‘leading-edge’ research on topics that draw together comparative European political and policy research and detailed expertise in European area studies with the study of processes of European integration and Europeanization. Though its primary disciplinary axis is political science, EGIPP offers an environment within which interdisciplinary research can flourish.

International standards are monitored by benchmarking research excellence through an international expert advisory group. It comprises Professor Michael Keating (formerly European University Institute, Florence); Professor Patrick Le Gales (Sciences Po, Paris); Professor Mick Moran (Manchester University); and Professor Wolfgang Wessels (Cologne University). Recent Visiting Research Professors include Patrick Le Gales, Professor Tony Mughan (Ohio State) and Professor Jean-Michel Eymeri-Douzens (Sciences Po, Paris). Professor Klaus Goetz (Potsdam University) was Visiting EU CONSENT Professor.

EGIPP’s comparative advantage lies in the in-depth expertise that we possess on the leading EU states and strength in language-based area studies. It possesses a concentration of expertise on Britain (Wyn JonesDorey, Thornton), France (ColeCumming and Parsons), Germany (Dyson and Feldner), Italy (Donovan and Furlong) and Spain (Dowling) that is arguably unrivalled within the UK university system. This expertise provides the basic building block of its activities.

Honorary Visiting Professors include Rhodri Morgan (former First Minister, Wales Assembly Government) and Honorary Distinguished Professors include Eluned Morgan (former Welsh MEP).

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