EGIPP’s research activities are organised around:

  • Three Thematic Priorities
  • Seven Research Clusters
  • The Wales Governance Centre

It has three thematic priorities around which its various research clusters are integrated:

  1. Globalization, Europeanization and their domestic impacts on European states and sub-national governance.
  2. National and territorial identity formation at different levels of governance.
  3. Contemporary policy and political challenges to European states, the integration process and sub-national governance

The three broad thematic priorities integrate work within and across the seven main specialized research clusters:

  • Specialization on different European states in their comparative and international contexts
  • Comparative European local and regional governance
  • European-level and comparative economic governance, especially the Euro Area
  • Europeanization of governance and public policies
  • European political parties
  • Europe and the wider world
  • Contemporary challenges to public policy.

Many staff members work in more than one cluster.

EGIPP acts as an umbrella for the Wales Governance Centre through a shared interest in comparative territorial governance.

It also acts as a bridge between the Political Theory Unit (shared interests in normative ideas of governance and in legitimacy) and the Histories, Memories and Fiction Unit (shared interests in identity formation and cross-cultural communication).

Within the University EGIPP has particularly close links to Cardiff Business School (on European territorial governance), Cardiff Law School (on Europeanization and devolution), and ENCAP and JOMEC (on European communication studies).