Europeanization of Governance and Public Policies

(Lead researchers: DysonColeFurlongParsons)

This research cluster attracted funding for research on France and Germany from ESRC, The British Academy and STICERT-LSE to support conferences and workshops at The British Academy (Dyson, with Goetz), as well as a British Academy large research grant (Cole). The Germany project led to a much-cited volume published as Proceedings of the British Academy Vol. 119/OUP – Germany, Europe and the Politics of Constraint. It also led to an edited volume on the Politics of Economic Reform in Germany: Global, Rhineland or Hybrid Capitalism? The latter was funded by the Anglo-German Foundation and by DAAD. Parsons has worked on the Europeanization of social policy and of wages and collective bargaining with Pochet (OSE, Brussels), whilst Cole has published on Europeanization of France and Furlong on Europeanization of Italy. Dyson continues to work on the Europeanization of economic policies across Europe and different varieties of capitalism.