European-level and Comparative Economic Governance and Policies

(Lead researchers: DysonFurlongParsons)

This research cluster was supported by British Academy and Nuffield Foundation grants, as well as the Anglo-German Foundation and DAAD, leading to major international conferences and workshops. Dyson has led two EU Framework 6 activities: a research project on impacts of EMU on expert elites (INTUNE), and a network of excellence (EU CONSENT) on EMU and EU enlargement. Following the first systematic study of the euro from the perspective of Europeanization in European States and the Euro, Dyson’s research focus shifted to east central Europe and euro entry, with a major edited OUP book (2006) based on a British Academy research workshop and DAAD research funding. Recent books include Central Banking in the Age of the Euro (with Martin Marcussen, Copenhagen University) and The Euro At 10, both with OUP. In the latter volume Furlong co-authored chapter on Italy and Parsons on wages and collective bargaining. Both these collaborative projects were funded by the British Academy and by EU-CONSENT. Dyson’s big 2-volume research project is published in 2010 (with Lucia Quaglia, Sussex) as European Economic Governance and Policies: Commentary on Key Documents (OUP), funded under the EU-INTUNE integrated research project. His latest project deals with creditor and debtor states in the context of intra-European imbalances and systemic risks.

Parsons’ research on comparative governance of labour markets attracted successive EU funding for cross-national research on employment policies and led to the publication of an edited volume (with Yuan Zhigang, Fudan University, Shanghai) on Economic Globalisation and Employment Policy.Parsons has also collaborated with Pochet (OSE, Brussels) on research on differentiated integration in EU social policies and on wages and collective bargaining. He is currently working an international research project investigating the political strategies of trade union and senior organizations relating to social security and pension politics, led by Professor Joe Cordes from the George Washington University, USA, and Dr Christian Toft, Kassel University, Germany.