FertiQoL Frequently Asked Questions

Who should use FertiQoL?
FertiQoL can also be used by men and women with fertility problems who would like to learn more about how fertility problems are affecting their quality of life in various life domains (e.g., emotional, social).  FertiQoL can be used by professionals to understand better the impact of fertility problems and their treatment on patient quality of life.  Companies  can  use FertiQoL as an outcome measure to address fertility quality of life in the development of new treatments and services.   FertiQoL can be used by patient and other advocacy groups to demonstrate the impact of fertility problems on quality of life.   Users of FertiQoL must agree to the Terms and conditions.  

Can I delete questions, or change the wording or order of the FertiQoL questions?
No you cannot make changes to the FertiQoL. The terms and conditions of use clearly state that FertiQoL cannot be altered in any way.

Is FertiQoL available in languages other than English?
Yes, FertiQoL is available in more than 30 languages. FertiQoL was translated by professional translators and then reviewed by medical and psychological experts in the field who speak that language.  To check which translations are available for download click here. You may download more than one language

Is a shortened version of FertiQoL available?
FertiQoL comes with an optional treatment module. The treatment module of 10 questions can be given to patients currently in fertility treatment to evaluate the impact of treatment on their quality of life. This is an optional module because many people with fertility problems have not had any contact with medical services.

Are there any norms available for FertiQoL?
We have not yet generated international FertiQoL norms.  However, you can see average FertiQoL scores from published studies on this page FertiQoL Tool. We also ask research users of FertiQoL to send the means and standard deviations for total and subscale scores in their sample to add to these published data (see Terms and Conditions).

How do I acknowledge FertiQoL?
FertiQoL is free to use by professionals and researchers (contact fertiqol@cardiff.ac.uk for permission) but you need to acknowledge the sponsors in any publication. Please site either of the following two publications if you use FertiQoL:

Boivin, J, Takefman, J, Braverman, A. Development and preliminary validation of the fertility quality of life (FertiQoL) tool (2011). Human Reproduction, 26(8), 2084–2091. [pdf]

Boivin, Takefman & Braverman. The Fertility Quality of Life (FertiQoL) tool: development and general psychometric properties (2011). Fertility and Sterility, 96, 409-15. [pdf]

If you do not have access to these journals then contact fertiqol@cardiff.ac.uk to obtain a copy.