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Before downloading any FertiQoL PDF’s please read the following terms and conditions of use.

1. You must use FertiQoL as it is without making any changes to the items, order of items, instructions or response scales. PLEASE DO NOT DO YOUR OWN TRANSLATION. We have a translation procedure in place. If you detect an error or a problem, or want a translation into another language or to give us some feedback then email us at

2. FertiQoL is free to use but you must acknowledge the sponsors in any publication. Please cite either of the following two publications if you intend to use FertiQoL:

Boivin, J, Takefman, J, Braverman, A. (2011). Development and preliminary validation of the fertility quality of life (FertiQoL) tool. Human Reproduction, 26(8), 2084–2091. DOI: 10.1093/humrep/der171 [Download the free PDF]

Boivin, Takefman & Braverman. (2011) The Fertility Quality of Life (FertiQoL) tool: development and general psychometric properties. Fertility and Sterility, 96, 409-15. DOI: [Download the free PDF]

3. Please do not distribute FertiQoL to other researchers or clinicians for their use. Please ask them to visit this website.

4. If you are doing research then at the end of your project we would be grateful if you could send us the sample size for your project, and means and standard deviations for each FertiQoL subscale for our monitoring purposes via email at

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