MEDOW is a €3.9M Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) consisting of 11 partners (5 universities and 6 industrial organisations) with collective expertise on the manufacturing, design, operation, and control of multi-terminal DC grids.  The project will have a focus on the development and use of HVDC.

A DC grid based on multi-terminal voltage-source converters is a newly emerging technology, which is particularly suitable for the connection of offshore wind farms. The achievements from the project will contribute to integrating offshore wind power into the onshore AC grids in European countries and for the European Super Grid.

The MEDOW network will share complementary expertise, infrastructure and facilities for the training of the next generation of top-quality researchers in this field.

Multi-terminal DC grid for Offshore Wind

EU programme:    

Contract type:    
Initial Training Network (ITN)

Start date:    
01 April 2013

End date: 
31 March 2017

EU contribution:     
EUR 3 925 537





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