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MEDOW is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (ITN) consisting of 11 partners (5 universities and 6 industrial organisations) with collective expertise on the manufacturing, design, operation, and control of multi-terminal DC grids.

MEDOW has received funding from the Seventh Framework Programme of the European Union.

A DC grid based on multi-terminal voltage-source converters is a newly emerging technology, which is particularly suitable for the connection of offshore wind farms. The achievements from the project will contribute to integrating offshore wind power into the onshore AC grids in European countries and for the European offshore grid.

The MEDOW network will share complementary expertise, infrastructure and facilities for the training of the next generation of top-quality researchers in this field.

Initial Training Networks aim to improve career perspectives of early researchers in both the public and private sector, thereby making research careers more attractive to young people.  ITNs aim to use researchers’ exposure to both academia and the private sector in a trans-national context in order to increase their employability and encourage the development of a European pool of skilled, internationally mobile researchers who are able to work effectively in both the public sector and private industry.


13 February 2017

MEDOW student Jayachandra Naidu has created an on-line platform for graduate students across the world who are considering a postgraduate degree. To find out more visit our public outreach section.

26 January 2017

New journal publication by Abel Ferreira and Dr Gomis- Bellamut in Electric Power Systems Research journal!

18 January 2017

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05 January 2017

MEDOW early career researcher Marc Cheah and his colleagues authored two publications in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery and IET Electric Power Applications.

30 November 2016

MEDOW project has been mentioned in Research EU Results magazine. This month it is all about off-shore wind which is why Dr Jun Liang  – project’s Chief Investigator – has been interviewed by the editors of this prestigious magazine.  Go to page 10 of Research EU magazine Nov 2016 to find out more.

28 October 2016

Ataollah Mokhberdoran has been published in two journals –  International Journal of Renewable Energy Research and Electric Power Systems Research. 

26 October 2016

New journal publication by MEDOW researcher Jayachandra Sakamuri and his colleagues has been published in Energy Procedia

19 October 2016

New publication by MEDOW researchers Muhammad Raza, Kevin Schönleber and Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt in Energies titled “Droop Control Design of Multi-VSC Systems for Offshore Networks to Integrate Wind Energy”.

28 September 2016

MEDOW has been showcased in an international UK innovation report. A new report by Universities UK International, with support from UK’s Department of Business Innovation and Skills details the breadth of UK universities’ international activities which foster innovation and university-business interaction.

23  September 2016
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19 July 2016
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06 July 2016
New journal article published!  Post-doc researcher Rodrigo Teixeira-Pinto’s paper authored with colleagues at UPC published in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

07 June 2016
The MEDOW Open Day on Friday 08 July is part of Cardiff University’s Summer of Innovation

13 May 2016
This week, Experienced Researcher Rodrigo, now working for Siemens in Germany, presented some of his MEDOW work at PCIM2016 in Nuremburg

29 April 2016
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04 April 2016
Just three days to go until MEDOW and Friends of the Supergrid’s special session on offshore wind and HVDC at IEEE Energycon in Leuven!

21 March 2016
A new book has been published: HVDC Grids: For Offshore and Supergrid of the Future
It is edited by MEDOW supervisors Dirk Van Hertem, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt and Jun Liang and contains contributions from MEDOW researchers Gen Li, Robert Renner, Marc Cheah, Agusti Egea and Qing Mu!

18 March
We are saying farewll to our final two Experienced Researchers, Agusti Egea and Domenico Ricchiuto!  Thank you!

08 March 2016
Just four weeks to go to MEDOW and Friends of the Supergrid’s full-day Special Session on Offshore and HVDC Grids at IEEE EnergyCon 2016!

27 January 2016
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14 December 2015
See details of patent applications made on our new webpage

27 November 2015
Just three days to go until our final network meeting of 2015!  ESRs, ERs and their supervisors will meet at UPC in Barcelona

18 November 2015
This week, Domenico, Kevin and Raza will all present posters at the Annual Conference of the European Wind Energy Association – EWEA 2015

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