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17 July 2017

New paper: Muhammad Raza of UPC, along with colleagues Eduardo Prieto-Araujo and Oriol Gomis, has just published Small Signal Stability Analysis of Offshore AC Network having Multiple VSC-HVDC System in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery.

27 June 2017

With an impact factor of 7.168, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics has one of the highest impact factors of all international engineering journals. Our ESR Ataollah Mokhberdoran has just published a paper co-authored by MEDOW colleagues at KU Leuven, Universidade do Porto and Efacec: Multi-port Hybrid HVDC Circuit Breaker.

20 June 2017

New publication in a top journal: Design and implementation of fast current releasing DC circuit breaker by Ataollah Mokhberdoran et al. in Electric Power Systems Research Journal

01 June 2017

MEDOW appears on the European Commission’s CORDIS research news site and in the Electronic Specifier.

30 May 2017

Subscribers to the International Journal of Electrical Power & Energy System can get an advance preview of our latest paper: Effects of VSC based HVDC system on distance protection of transmission lines by Mohammad Meraj Alam and colleagues at Universidade do Porto and Cardiff University.

26 May 2017

Two more ESRs successfully defended their PhD thesis this week. Well done to Marc Cheah and Jayachandra Naidu!

19 May 2017

Exciting news: we are expecting to be able to run another Marie Sklodowska-Curie Training Networks starting September 2017. ‘InnoDC’ will appoint and train 15 doctoral students to advance the development of tools vital for the integration of offshore wind through DC grids. Watch this space for updates in the coming months!

25 April 2017

Even though the project has concluded, the publications just keep on coming. Check out our Dissemination pages for details.

31 March 2017

MEDOW formally concludes today with some very good news: Abel Ferreira successfully defended his PhD thesis at UPC in Barcelona today. Well done Abel!

28 March 2017

Kevin Schonleber has just published a paper on Optimization-based reactive power control in HVDC-connected wind power plants in Renewable Energy journal with colleagues at Alstom Renovables and UPC.

13 February 2017

MEDOW student Jayachandra Naidu has created an online platform for graduate students across the world who are considering a postgraduate degree. To find out more visit our public outreach section.

26 January 2017

New journal publication by Abel Ferreira and Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt in Electric Power Systems Research journal!

18 January 2017

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05 January 2017

MEDOW early career researcher Marc Cheah and his colleagues have authored two publications in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery and IET Electric Power Applications.

30 November 2016

The MEDOW project has been mentioned in the European Commision’s Research EU Results magazine. This month’s edition is all about offshore wind which is why Dr Jun Liang  – our Scientist-in-Charge – has been interviewed by the editors of this prestigious magazine.  Go to page 10 of Research EU magazine Nov 2016 to find out more.

28 October 2016

Ataollah Mokhberdoran has been published in two journals –  International Journal of Renewable Energy Research and Electric Power Systems Research. 

26 October 2016

New journal publication by MEDOW researcher Jayachandra Sakamuri and his colleagues has been published in Energy Procedia

19 October 2016

New publication by MEDOW researchers Muhammad Raza, Kevin Schönleber and Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt in Energies titled “Droop Control Design of Multi-VSC Systems for Offshore Networks to Integrate Wind Energy”.

28 September 2016

MEDOW has been showcased in an international UK innovation report. A new report by Universities UK International, with support from UK’s Department of Business Innovation and Skills details the breadth of UK universities’ international activities which foster innovation and university-business interaction.

23  September 2016
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19 July 2016
See a report on our recent Project Open Day!

06 July 2016
New journal article published!  Post-doc researcher Rodrigo Teixeira-Pinto’s paper authored with colleagues at UPC published in IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid

07 June 2016
The MEDOW Open Day on Friday 08 July is part of Cardiff University’s Summer of Innovation

13 May 2016
This week, Experienced Researcher Rodrigo, now working for Siemens in Germany, presented some of his MEDOW work at PCIM2016 in Nuremburg

29 April 2016
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04 April 2016
Just three days to go until MEDOW and Friends of the Supergrid’s special session on offshore wind and HVDC at IEEE Energycon in Leuven!

21 March 2016
A new book has been published: HVDC Grids: For Offshore and Supergrid of the Future
It is edited by MEDOW supervisors Dirk Van Hertem, Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt and Jun Liang and contains contributions from MEDOW researchers Gen Li, Robert Renner, Marc Cheah, Agusti Egea and Qing Mu!

18 March
We are saying farewll to our final two Experienced Researchers, Agusti Egea and Domenico Ricchiuto!  Thank you!

08 March 2016
Just four weeks to go to MEDOW and Friends of the Supergrid’s full-day Special Session on Offshore and HVDC Grids at IEEE EnergyCon 2016!

27 January 2016
See the latest MEDOW news in the January 2016 newsletter

14 December 2015
See details of patent applications made on our new webpage

27 November 2015
Just three days to go until our final network meeting of 2015!  ESRs, ERs and their supervisors will meet at UPC in Barcelona

18 November 2015
This week, Domenico, Kevin and Raza will all present posters at the Annual Conference of the European Wind Energy Association – EWEA 2015

28 October 2015
See our news in the latest MEDOW newsletter

27 October 2015
MEDOW is mentioned in an independent report which concludes that project co-ordinator Cardiff University contributes £2.7 billion to the UK economy each year

30 September 2015
Experienced Researcher Sahar Pirooz-Azad has finished her time in the MEDOW project working at KU Leuven and will continue her research at the University of Alberta, Canada.  Thank you and good luck!    We will miss you Sahar!

07 September 2015
Good luck to the eight MEDOW researchers presenting their work at the 17th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications!

01 September 2015
Experienced Researcher Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto has finished his time in MEDOW to take up a role in industry with Siemens in Germany!  We will miss you Rodrigo!

29 July 2015
MEDOW researcher Marc is interviewed by a leading Spanish power and grids news site

23 July 2015
More dissemination of the MEDOW project:

On 24 July, Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto and Oriol Gomis will present the project to the United States’ National Renewable Energy Lab (NREL);

On 22 July, MEDOW took part in an exhibition at the inaugural meeting of the Energy Cluster of the Vision2020 network, a group of leading European universities and industry intending to access the EU’s Horizon2020 research and innovation funding programme

20 July 2015
The July 2015 MEDOW Newsletter has been released

15 July 2015
Alongside, and WINDGRID, MEDOW will co-host the 6th Annual HVDC Doctoral Colloquium at DTU Wind Energy Department, 16-18 September 2015

29 June 2015
MEDOW researchers have completed a successful training week at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet Wind department

22 June 2015
MEDOW joins forces with Friends of the Supergrid to bring together research and other activities which will contribute to the European Supergrid

02 June 2015
MEDOW ESR Mohammad Meraj Alam has presented his work at the CIGRE Symposium 2015 “Across Borders – Integrating Systems and Markets” in Lund

28 May 2015
Check out our Dissemination webpages to see some of the articles and stories about the MEDOW project which have been published in recent months.

18 May 2015
Global Wind Day is fast approaching!

08 May 2015
A tentative schedule for the Summer 2015 network training meeting is released

07 April 2015
MEDOW appears in the Friends of the Supergrid Newsletter!

27 March 2015
MEDOW researchers’ contributions to the IET ACDC conference are reported in

23 March 2015
Read our March 2015 newsletter

20 March 2015
Meet our two new Experienced Researchers: Agusti Egea and Domenico Ricchiuto

04 February 2014
Pictures and reports on our successful network training meeting in Brussels and Leuven are now available

16 January 2015
MEDOW ESRs Alejandro and Robert will present a paper and poster respectively at the IET ACDC conference, 10-12 February, Birmingham UK

Next week, we will have our project Mid-Term review meeting in Brussels with the European Commission!

13 January 2015
A Spanish language article on MEDOW appears in SmartGridsInfo

12 January 2015
In his spare time, ESR Muhammad Raza has written a chapter for a book on ‘PowerFactory Applications for Power System Analysis‘ which has just been published

Meet our new Experienced Researcher Qing Mu!

09 January 2015
A report on MEDOW features on the EU’s CORDIS website

12 December 2014
The December 2014 MEDOW newsletter is published

10 December 2014
A press release about MEDOW and the new formal collaborative partnership between Cardiff University and KU Leuven has been published in a number of places, reaching a wide range of audiences

05 December 2014
Collaboration beyond MEDOW….ESR Tibin Joseph works with University of Bristol researcher on a report on Offshore Wind Energy Transmission with Multi-Terminal High Voltage DC grids (MT-HVDC)and Fuzziness 

04 December 2014
Initial programme for the MEDOW network meeting in Belgium, January 2015, is now available

24 November 2014
MEDOW ESRs present their work in Manchester and Berlin

18 November 2014
Our MEDOW colleagues in the Wind Power Integration and Control research group at DTU Wind will host a workshop with their EASEWIND project partners on 09 December 2014

10 November 2014
MEDOW Experienced Researcher Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto will co-organise a special session on HVDC multi-terminal networks at the 9th International Conference on Power Electronics, Seoul, June 2015

10 November 2014
MEDOW Experienced Researcher Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto will co-organise a special session on HVDC multi-terminal networks at the 9th International Conference on Power Electronics, Seoul, June 2015

Rodrigo will present at the Power Electronics to the Grid: HVDC & FACTS conference in Barcelona, 28 November 2014

06 November 2014
MEDOW is now on Facebook: please visit the page and ‘like’ us!

The vacancy for Experienced Researcher to be based at Alstom Renovables is now open (deadline: 31/12/2014)

03 November 2014
MEDOW now appears in the European Commission’s Energy Research Knowledge Centre project database

03 November 2014
The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) reiterates that developments in the transmission of  power from wind and other renewable energy sources are key to mitigating climate change

31 October 2014
Experienced Researchers Sahar Pirooz Azad and Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto are now in post!

13 October 2014
MEDOW to be presented on 29 October 2014 to industrial and academic sector partners of the OffshoreDC consortium

09 October 2014
MEDOW In One Minute‘, ESRs’ film about the project and life as a Marie Curie researcher is now available to view!

06 October 2014
Promoting the network to researchers interested in collaboration and networking

06 October 2014
MEDOW presents at the IET 3rd Renewable Power Generation Conference

16 September 2014
MEDOW appears in the national newspaper of India

09 September 2014
The vacancy for Experienced Researcher to be based at Alstom Renovables is now open (deadline: 31/12/2014)

28 July 2014
Updates on MEDOW publications and training events have been published

3 MEDOW ESRs present at 5th Annual HVDC PhD Colloquium

The second MEDOW network meeting and training has taken place in Porto

24 July 2014
Updates on recent public outreach activities in Barcelona and Cardiff have been published

27 June 2014
The final programme for the Summer 2014 MEDOW network in Porto has been published here