Marc Cheah

Marc Cheah

Marc is from Barcelona and, before joining Cardiff University, had been a member of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya since 2007, first studying Industrial Engineering (specialization in Electrical Engineering) and then undertaking postgraduate studies in Automation Systems with the Centre for Technological Innovation in Static Converters and Drives (CITCEA-UPC).

Marc had been involved with CITCEA (the department of UPC which is a partner in the MEDOW project) since 2010 when he started working as a research assistant and later as a project engineer participating in several projects related to renewable energy sources and power electronic systems.  This gave him a broad knowledge of modelling and control system design techniques and development of hardware and grid filters of power converters.

His technical areas of interest include electrical machines, power converters, microgrids and renewal energy integration in power systems.

For Marc, working as an Early Stage Researcher in the MEDOW project is the perfect opportunity to continue his career and development as a researcher in a network which will allow him to share and exchange knowledge and training with a view to making a significant contribution to the wide-scale integration of offshore wind into our power systems. Through his individual MEDOW project, he hopes to achieve a comprehensive understanding of HVDC and offshore wind power systems.  His project will focus on optimal wind power transfer through DC grids and will aim to develop dynamic control systems for offshore DC grids and to design power reduction methods for wind farms subject to various faults.

In his spare time, he usually does sports such as running or hiking and he also likes watching films and hanging out with his friends.