Gen Li

Gen Li

Gen Li is from China and is one of the ESRs working at Cardiff University.  Gen has a BEng degree in Electrical Engineering and Automation from Northeast Dianli University, China and an MSc degree in Power Engineering from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

His research interests include power system stability control, power system operation and control, power system modelling and simulation, and renewable power generation.

Gen applied to work in the MEDOW project for a simple reason: he thinks it is an excellent project!  He looks forward to benefitting from the network’s shared complementary expertise, infrastructure and facilities for training the next generation of skilled researchers in the field.  Gen is hoping that the ongoing training and education that he will receive, including the secondments overseas, variety of training events and transferable skills courses, will give him a solid foundation for his future research career.

He believes that completing doctoral level studies will provide him with the systematic academic training that will give him the opportunity to become an expert in the field. He sees the combination of PhD study and work placements overseas as being the ideal way to secure a future in research.

His research project aims to design and validate integrated DC/AC systems using simulation and experimental platforms. He has as objectives to test transmission and control of wind power to AC grids through DC grids using simulation software; to validate the transmission and control system using RTDS and to validate the DC grid and control system using experimental test rigs.

Gen spends his spare time reading and doing sports such as swimming and jogging.