Qing Mu


Qing Mu is from China. He has a B.Sc. degree in automation from Zhejiang University, China and an MSc degree in electrical engineering from China Electric Power Research Institute, China. In July, 2013 he received a Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering at China Electric Power Research Institute. He has been working as a researcher at China Electric Power Research Institute for one year and now joins MEDOW as the Experienced Researcher at Cardiff University.

His research areas of interest include power system simulation technology, the modelling of power electronics devices, renewable energy system and high-efficiency calculation technology for power systems.

The key reason for applying to be an Experienced Researcher in the MEDOW project is that it will be an ideal way to apply his research experience and knowledge of power system, power electronics, mathematics and HVDC simulation in studies of renewable energy supply. He feels that it is an honour to contribute to the life of the future, which will be both smart and sustainable.

Another key reason for joining MEDOW was the appeal of the academic environment and leading researchers at Cardiff University and other partners in the consortium. He is convinced that this year of experience could help him to make great achievements in his academic and professional capabilities.

During his time in MEDOW, Qing aims to develop a novel simulation platform, which could greatly expand the simulation system of the large integrated DC/AC system. Further interesting phenomena from DC/AC systems can be studied and applied to this platform. He also hopes to contribute further rules for DC grids.

Qing spends his spare time cooking and doing sports such as football and running.