Reference titanium, Ti(2p3/2) binding energies:

Ti metal: 454.1 eV

TiO2 (P25): 458.2 eV (Note other Titania samples, such as PC500, referenced identically ~ 458.5 eV)

TiN: 454.9 eV

Spin-Orbit splitting

TiO2 = 5.7 eV
TiN = 5.9 eV (Note presence of satellite structure)

Note: For Ti(2p) the Ti(2p1/2) component is broader and smaller than expected based on the Ti2p3/2 peak. This is a consequence of the Coster-Kronig effect, wherein post-ionisation, Ti(2p1/2) state is short lived compared to Ti(2p3/2) state)