You can contact the team at Please note that if you are a teacher interested in us coming to your school, we can only visit a limited number of schools and must do so on a widening access remit.

Or, start up a conversation on Twitter @SHAREwithSchool

This year’s (2018-19) project co-ordinator team


Dr David Wyatt
Graham Getheridge

Postgraduate coordinators

Rhea Anthony
Cadance Butler
Poppy Hodkinson
Dan Jewson
Laiqah Osman

Previous Postgraduate coordinators

David Colwill
Catherine Underwood-Horler
Melissa Julian-Jones
Hannah Buckingham
Beth Jenkins
Willa Oddleifson
Tom George
Matthew Law
Sarah Doherty
Ioannis Smyrnaios
Heather Crowley
Stephanie Saunders
Jonathan Langston
Olja Mladjenovic
Kate Tinson
Matt Vince
Rhiannon Philp
Konstantinos Trimmis
Nicholas McDermot
Jon Langston
Anna Field
Hannah Froom