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The SHARE with Schools project is not just fun, it is a great way of building your experience ready for the world outside academia.

We rely on the enthusiastic commitment of students from the School of History, Archaeology, and Religion at Cardiff University. These students volunteer their time to undergo training sessions and to go to schools to deliver workshops. Some even volunteer their time to help us develop and improve our workshop toolkits.

If you are a student at SHARE and would like to find out more please contact us.

Benefits of volunteering for SHARE with Schools

In return for your time and enthusiasm, the project aims to contribute towards employability skills, with many of our volunteers going on to PGCEs in particular. SHARE with Schools is an exciting way of gaining experience toward getting graduate employment, either in PGCEs or elsewhere.

SHARE with Schools Certificate

All volunteers involved with the project have the opportunity to work towards gaining this recognition of their role. This certification demonstrates their commitment, allows volunteers to engage in reflective practice and develop their career and employibility skills. Volunteers who achieve this will be celebrated at a project-wide ceremony with official recognition from the school. There are hopes to encorporate this into graduation in future years.

Identified Personal Development Outcomes:

  1. Communicate in a clear and positive manner to a variety of people (children, teachers, colleagues).
  2. Develop enthusiasm in others for the subject you are teaching.
  3. Know the subject matter you are teaching.
  4. Engage others around you.
  5. Use influencing skills to challenge, enthuse and motivate pupils.
  6. Develop rapport and empathy with others.
  7. Respect diversity when engaged with young people.
  8. Ensure differentiation where needed.
  9. Work to a lesson plan and move the lesson forward.
  10. Keep calm and deal with unexpected issues whilst keeping a good sense of humour.
  11. Develop materials that inspire and motivate.
  12. Use diplomacy where needed and demonstrate patience.
  13. Work within a team environment.
  14. Leadership abilities when dealing with a large class.