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Fitzalan High School Visit – 13/03/2024

7 May 2024

The 13th March saw SHARE with Schools’ first school visit of the year; visiting Fitzalan High School! After the success of our Archaeological Science workshop, we returned to deliver it to four groups of year 7s.

This workshop focuses on how archaeologists use hard science (such as isotopes and DNA) alongside material culture (pots, tools and the things used in every day life) to understand how a person may have lived.  

Each group was given a range of data, including isotopes and artefacts, to work out which individual’s data set they had. The groups then used that data to present in front of the rest of the class to persuade us all that they have that individual.  

We engaged with 104 year 7s throughout the day. They worked hard and developed their analytical, group and presenting skills. They also provided us with some great feedback:  

“I loved everything today because I learned so many new facts”

“The best thing I have done today I have seen and touched a red deer antler bone. I also enjoyed investigating and finding out about scientific history”

A big thank you to our volunteers Izzy, Izzy, Carmen, Conor and Charlotte for doing a brilliant job and to Fitzalan High School for accommodating our visit and providing us with lunch.