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Read this glowing feedback from a volunteer

17 February 2015

Out of the blue, we had a request from one of our volunteers asking if we wouldn’t mind her sending us a few words about her experiences with SHARE with Schools. Of course, we said yes!

We present to you, third-year undergraduate student and former-SHARE with Schools volunteer, Hannah Parker:

SHARE with Schools volunteer, Hannah Parker
SHARE with Schools volunteer, Hannah Parker

SHARE with schools is an incredible and friendly group that from day one, offered me exciting experiences in a fun environment. (The mince pies on the first introductory workshop also may have had something to do with it!)The schools they are partnered with are so warm and friendly and make the experience fun, educational and very worthwhile! I learnt something new in each school, for every school and every class is very different. The workshops are lively and interesting and you can really see how well they work when you are in the classroom with the pupils. I am extremely glad I took the opportunity and became part of this group from my first year in University. Although, at times, volunteering can seem an unnecessary stress and workload on top of University life, there was not one day or workshop I did not thoroughly enjoy or feel that it had not been worth the time.

It has given me so much more confidence within myself, and more confidence to pursue a career in teaching. The experience with SHARE looked great on my PGCE application, and everything I had learnt from this shone through in my interviews. I was lucky enough to be offered a place, and feel this group really helped and contributed to this. The people who run this are so welcoming and hard-working, and ensure you are fully prepared and comfortable with what you are doing before, after and during the workshops. I already miss being part of this group, and speak about it very highly other students considering teaching or new experiences. I loved every moment and learnt a great deal!!!

We’re absolutely over the moon to receive such kind words, we try very hard to make sure that SHARE with Schools is both enjoyable and useful to our volunteers. Hearing that Hannah’s experiences volunteering with us has been helpful in securing employment opportunities is fantastic.

Thank you Hannah for sending this to us. We always welcome feedback from volunteers, school pupils that we have seen or teachers. If you’d like to send us something, you can do so at or comment below this post.