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Workshops delivered 17 Mar-8 Apr

18 April 2014

Looks like I’ve missed posting the notices for a few weeks’ worth of outreach workshops delivered to local schools, oops. These were given in Michaelston College, Cathays High School, Glyn Derw High School, and Willows High School. It was great to deliver in new places and we also saw the first delivery in a school of the new Heritage Communication session devised and led by fellow students from the School of History, Archaeology and Religion.

A big thanks go out to the following SHARE with Schools volunteers (as always let me know if anyone is missing):

  • Luca Hoare
  • Sophie Adams
  • Rebecca Whitehead
  • Shannon Philips
  • Verity Ball
  • Alice Spotorno
  • Rebecca Swaine
  • Maria Healy
  • Rhiannon Main
  • Hannah Parker
  • Beth Cox
  • Will Tregaskes

A big thank you to all the school pupils who have made this season’s visits so fun for us: some of the ideas and work you’ve done has been amazing. We’re now left with just the return visits, where students we’ve visited come to see us at Cardiff University, to close out a very successful and busy season of SHARE with Schools!