Cardiff & World War One Workshop

This workshop engages with how Cardiff experienced the First World War on the home front. This is specifically explored through the lens of schools, women and refugees/ aliens. The workshop is designed to encourage students to contextualise the experiences on the home-front whilst thinking about the present day.

Museum Curatorship Workshop

Learn what it takes to become a museum curator! Pulling from materials found in our Romans and Nineteenth century workshops, this workshop allows students to put together their own museum collection. Creativity, research skills, and careful thought is all encouraged here!

Romans in Wales Workshop

An introduction to how the Romans came to be in the place we now call Wales and their impact on it.

STEM Archaeology

This workshop links the Humanities and Science (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) in a fun and interactive way.

Medieval Society Workshop

An introduction to medieval society focussing on the three ‘orders’ – those who work, those who pray, and those who fight.

Life in the Nineteenth Century Workshop

An introduction to aspects of local industrial, domestic and social history in the South Wales and Valleys area.

Sixth Form Workshop

A more informal chat and discussion with university students about aspects of university life and finance, as well as some exercises to encourage pupils to think like a researcher.

Return visits

An opportunity for the school classes that we have worked with to come and visit us in return.