Exam and Assessment Essentials

It’s that time of year again and to ensure students are getting the most of their exam revision period, here are our top Learning Resources to help students survive (and thrive) this spring.


Preparing for exams

  • Motivation and goal setting– are your students feeling overwhelmed about where to even begin? Do they need help with time-management and maintaining momentum? This tutorial will help them get started.
  • Effective notes – students will inevitably be frantically reviewing online and recorded content as they try to note as much information as they can. This tutorial will provide them with strategies to support their revision.
  • Effective revision – help students reduce exam exhaustion with this tutorial on how to optimise their revision and avoid burnout.
  • Sitting online exams – is it their first time sitting an online exam? Help them prepare and ensure they conduct themselves appropriately.


Agonising over assessments?

As the end of the academic year approaches, deadlines for other assessments are also looming. Here are some additional guides to help students before they finally hit that dreaded submit button:

  • Academic Writing Style and Developing critical arguments – are your students going to be assessed for their critical writing? These guides aimed at postgraduate students may be a good starting point to focus their revision with helpful reminders on structure, tone and synthesis.
  • Or refer them to our comprehensive Essay survival guide for undergraduates
  • Presentations – do they have a final presentation coming up? Our guide breaks down every step of developing, designing, and delivering an effective presentation.
  • Report Writing – understanding, planning, and structuring reports.
  • Choosing quality sources – where to start with finding and evaluating the most suitable sources for academic work, from how to spot fake news to identifying the original source.
  • Critical appraisal – are your students from medicine or healthcare? This interactive tutorial encourages them to think about different types of bias, study design and use critical appraisal checklists.
  • EndNote tutorials – remind your students to make the most out of EndNote to manage their information and build their bibliography.


Final recommendations

It’s never a bad time to remind students before their work will be assessed on how to avoid plagiarism and brush up on their referencing.



These are all reusable under our Creative Commons Licence, so you can either link straight to them or use the downloadable files to adapt the content to suit your students’ needs. We just ask that you acknowledge us somewhere on your resource.