Ralph Fevre

Ralph is Professor of Social Research and Director of the Insight into Ill-treatment Research Programme, Cardiff University.Ralph Fevre- 150x150





Research Interests:

The social causes and effects of various forms of ill-treatment in the workplace: unreasonable treatment, unfair treatment, discrimination, bullying, harassment, workplace violence.


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Recent Funding:

·ESRC (RES-062-23-312) Ralph Fevre, Trevor Jones, Duncan Lewis and Amanda Robinson, Workplace Bullying and Harassment in Britain with Special Reference to Race and Ethnicity, £706,286, 1/4/07 to 31/07/11 (ESRC Contribution: £565,029; the project was also supported by Cardiff University, Acas, the CRE and the Runnymede Trust).

·Department for Business, Innovation and Skills: Ralph Fevre and Theo Nichols, The Fair Treatment Survey 2008, £75,720, 11/1/08 to 30/06/2009.

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