Richard Graveling

Richard is Head of Human Sciences and Principal Ergonomics Consultant at the IOM.


Research Interests:

Richard has widespread interests in aspects of the effects of the working environment on health, of which psychosocial risks and stress have been a long-standing feature (since his doctoral research into the alleviation of the effects of mental stress by physical activity).

Another major area of interest over many years is that of work-related musculoskeletal disorders, where there is a growing recognition of the important role of psychosocial factors in causation, retention at work and rehabilitation.

Recent Relevant Publications:

Graveling RA, Crawford JO, Cowie H, Amati C, Vohra S. (2008) A review of workplace interventions that promote mental wellbeing in the workplace. London: NICE.

Crawford JO, Graveling RA, Cowie H, Dixon K, MacCalman L. (2009) The health, safety and promotion needs of older workers: an evidence based review and guidance. Wigston: IOSH (Research Report 09.4).

Graveling RA, Crawford JO. (2010) Occupational health risks in firefighters. London: IIAC.

Belin A, Graveling RA et al (2011) Occupational health and safety risks for the most vulnerable workers. Luxembourg: European Parliament.

Guarinoni M, Belin A, Oulès L, Graveling RA et al (2013) Occupational health concerns: stress-related and psychological problems associated with work. Luxembourg: European Parliament.

Current Funding:

· EU-OSHA: Introduction to psychosocial risk management in micro and small enterprises. Development of a multilingual campaign toolkit for raising awareness and motivation to manage psychosocial risks in Europe’s micro and small enterprises.

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