Vicki Wass

Vicki is a Reader at Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University.

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Research Interests: 

Disability and work, Organisation of work, well-being. 

Recent Publications:

Jones M and V Wass (2013) “Understanding changing disability-related employment gaps in Britain 1998-2011”  Work Employment and Society Online First  DOI:10.117710950017013475372.

Foster D and V Wass (2012) “Disability in the labour market: An exploration of concepts of the ‘ideal worker’ and organisational ‘fit’ that disadvantage employees with impairments”, Sociology Online First  DOI: 10.1177/0038038512454245.

Turnbull P and V Wass (2012) Time for Justice? Long working hours and the well being for police inspectors, Inspectors’ Central Committee and Cardiff Business School. (

Stewart P, Richardson M, Danford, A, Murphy K, Richardson T, and V Wass (2009) We Sell Our Time No More :Workers Struggles Against Lean Production in the British Car Industry, Pluto Press.

Wass V and R McNabb (2009) “Accounting for the effects of disablement” in Personal Injury and Wrongful Death Damages Calculations A Trans-Atlantic Dialogue R.J. Thornton and J. Ward (eds) Contemporary Studies in Economic and Financial Analysis Volume 91 pp. 73-102 Emerald Group Publishing Limited ISBN 978-1-8553026.

But, Z, Haberman S, Verrall R and V Wass  (2008) “Calculating compensation for loss of future earnings: Estimating and using work life expectancy” Journal of the Royal Statistical Society, Series A. 171:4, pp. 763-805.

Recent Conferences:

Jones M and Wass V (2012) “Well-being and disability – New evidence of inequality” Fairness at Work, Manchester University September 6th-7th.

Turnbull P and V Wass (2012) “Beyond the Call of Duty: Long Hours and Ill Health of Police Inspectors” British Academy of Management, September 11th-13th Cardiff

Turnbull, P. and Wass, V. (2012) “Working hours and wellbeing amongst police inspectors”, Office for National Statistics/Cardiff University Wellbeing Joint seminar series, January 10th Newport.

Recent Funding:

“The Labour Market Implications of Changes in the Public Sector: Inequality and Work Quality:  Estimating public private sector differentials using an analysis of secondary data.”,  ESRC, December 2012. (with  Blackaby D, Felstead A,  Jones, M. Makepeace, G, Murphy P)

“Working Time and Wellbeing in the Police Service: Practical Steps to Monitor, Manage and Balance the Working Hours of the Inspecting Ranks” ESRC February 2013 (with Turnbull  P).

“An anatomy of Inequality in Wales” Equality and Human Right Commission, October 2010. (with Davies R et al through WISERD)