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Cathays High Return Visit 11/01/23: Volunteer Blog – Samuel Mutter

20 January 2023
A paper lion, lying down.

Samuel is one of our volunteers for 2022-23 and supported us in hosting Cathays High School at the University.

I thoroughly enjoyed working with the SHARE with Schools team on the Cathays High Return Visit. The day was very tightly packed, as it was split up into thirty-minute blocks, starting with a Q and A, leading into some tours of our facilities, then a workshop, and finally, ending with a taster lecture. Despite this compact schedule, we were able to complete everything on time and the children really enjoyed it. This was my first experience working with children and I found it to be an immensely rewarding experience, especially during the workshop sessions. I very much enjoyed how creative and imaginative the children were, with it feeling very natural to encourage them on some of their more ‘innovative’ ideas when completing the tasks. Working as part of the team also felt incredibly rewarding, as the others were all so helpful and kind, creating such a great feeling of togetherness and fellowship amongst the group. With the first (and hopefully therefore the scariest) visit over, I am very excited to rejoin the group and help out at future sessions, as this has been a valuable learning experience in public speaking and engaging with the younger generation.


Young people sat in a lecture theatre facing the front where students and staff from the university stand speaking to the room.
Paper riding coats and a paper golden bracelets with mythical creatures on.