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My SHARE with Schools Experience: Volunteer Blog Post – Emily Lewis

10 May 2023
SHARE with Schools team setting up for the event. A group of 4 volunteers and a postgraduate coordinator are setting up handling objects on the table in the foreground. Two coordinators are hanging up a SHARE with Schools banner in the background.

I joined SHARE with Schools in my third year of studying History and English Literature, and I’m so glad that I did. The team were really welcoming and supportive of me as a volunteer, and the experiences I had in delivering history education to varied audiences were priceless. I took part in both public-facing and school-based activities, which helped me to explore and develop in community work—SWS has definitely solidified my passion for public outreach and engaging young people with history. As a joint honours student, the project was a great way to get involved at SHARE and grow in confidence as a member of the school. More importantly, my volunteering hours were always a good laugh, and helped me to maintain a sense of excitement and curiosity for History during a stressful final year of essays and exams. I’d encourage anyone who’s curious to get involved with SHARE with Schools! The volunteering experience looks great on a CV, but beyond that, it’s a great and rewarding way to stretch and challenge your skills as a student.

People look at artefacts on tables. A SHARE with Schools banner is in the far background.
Young people sat in a lecture theatre facing the front where students and staff from the university stand speaking to the room.
A group of people sit at lab desks facing the front where they are listening to a presentation on isotope analysis.


'Selfie' image of Share with Schools co-ordinator and volunteer team. The 'washing line of time' is visible in the background.