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My SHARE with Schools Experience: Volunteer Blog Post – Luke McLoughlin

19 May 2023
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I was introduced to the SHARE with Schools program in my third year at Cardiff University. I was unsure on what career path I wanted to pursue and attended a careers lecture in the first couple months of the year to see if anything stood out. My dad has been a teacher his whole life and from the days he used to take me to work with him, it had always been something that had interested me. I spoke to the lecturer at the end of the session and got in contact with the email they provided and I’m so glad I did. The people who run the scheme are very accommodating and it was very easy to get involved. I’ve been to two schools with them so far and have thoroughly enjoyed my time on both occasions. I was a bit nervous in the beginning as I was unsure if it was something I would be able to handle but the practical experience I gained on the first trip alone taught me otherwise. With the help of the coordinators I was able to quickly adjust to the role and engage with the young people, sharing with them my interest in history. It was also a nice change from the stressful revision and essay writing which has consumed much of my third year, providing a fun and fulfilling opportunity which I would recommend to anyone who has an interest in teaching or simply working on an outreach program helping young people.

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