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Guest blog by volunteer Thomas Snook

18 September 2015

Thomas Snook

Archaeology Trowel

I am a first year undergraduate reading Archaeology. I assisted with the Archaeological Science workshop presented to years 7, 8 and 9 at Fitzalan School. The pupils were given different graves and from completing several activities gained enough information to build up a picture of the life of the individual buried in their grave. At the end, the pupils were given a set of trump cards from which they had guess who they thought their individual was. It was my responsibility to present the answers and encourage discussion about their individual to the rest of the group something that I felt ill prepared for. The first time was awful (or so I thought) but I soon grew in confidence and was able to perform my role much more effectively by the end. The archaeological science workshop is a great way of introducing and teaching archaeology to anybody, which is evident from the active engagement from pupils and teachers alike, and is an opportunity I envy not having at school.