Training objectives

As an Initial Training Network, MEDOW has a strong focus on training and developing its researchers, both in terms of technical skills/knowledge and transferable, practical skills for their future career.

MEDOW aims:

– to create a platform for synergies and complement of technologies in this area and to provide intersectoral training for researchers;

– to strengthen human potential for research and technological development in Europe, by encouraging young Europeans to enter this area and by attracting researchers from around the world;

– to encourage technical exchange and human mobility between European and international  organisations;

– to expose the researchers to other sectors, particularly private partner companies, allowing them to develop contacts and networks and thus to enhance their career perspectives;

– to promote knowledge transfer and enhance the competence of European organisations;

– to create a pool of intersectoral researchers and expertise from academia, research institutes, manufacturers, developers and operators in grid-integration of offshore wind power through DC grids.

We are aiming to train researchers who are highly skilled in the operation and installation of DC grids and who have the skills, networks and experience to build successful careers in research.