Wind Energy and Renewable Energy News

European Wind Energy Association:

European Union:

The European Union’s climate action campaign A world you like. With a climate you like. aims to show solutions and best practices applied by citizens, businesses and authorities across the European Union. It covers five areas: travel and transport; production and innovation; building and living; shopping and eating; and re-use and recycling.

Friends of the Supergrid:

Visit the FOSG Facebook page and watch their films about the Supergrid.


View Greenpeace’s report ‘powE[R] 2030: A EUROPEAN GRID FOR 3/4 RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY BY 2030‘  which supports the development of a European Supergrid [March 2014].

Useful videos on wind power:

The school students who attended the MEDOW outreach event in December 2013 found these videos useful: