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01 June 2017

MEDOW appears on the European Commission’s CORDIS research news site for a second time and gets more media coverage via the Electronic Specifier.

February 2017

MEDOW appears for a third time in Spanish language Smart Grids Info in the article MEDOW, investigación de super-grids para energía eólica marina.

November 2016

A story on MEDOW appears in Marine Executive, a publication aimed at marine trade and industry.

November 2016

MEDOW project has been profiled in Research EU Results magazine. This month’s edition is all about offshore wind which is why Dr Jun Liang  – project’s Chief Investigator – has been interviewed by the editors of this prestigious magazine.  Go to page 10 of Research EU magazine Nov 2016 to find out more.

The article was shared by, (in Italian) and .

September 2016

MEDOW has been showcased in a report on international UK innovation. The new report by Universities UK International, with support from UK’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills details the breadth of UK universities’ international activities which foster innovation and university-business interaction.

The report was launched in Shanghai by Jo Johnson MP, UK Minister of State for Universities and Science, as he visited China for events highlighting the strength of UK-China education, science and innovation relationships.

The report praises MEDOW for its impact, particularly that of linking industries across borders, providing opportunities for future collaborations  and contributing to an international framework for the development of a pan-EU power grid (Universities UK report, 2016:32)

November 2015
An overview of the project and the importance of transmission grids for offshore wind power appears in a Report on the HVDC Transmission Market 2016 – 2026

July 2015
MEDOW ESR Marc Cheah has been interviewed by Smart Grids Info, a leading Spanish language news site dedicted to power, grids, smart cities and sustainable systems.  Although MEDOW operates through the medium of English, it is really useful to put our researchers’ language skills to good use to help communicate the project to a wider range of people.

April 2015
MEDOW appears in the Friends of the Supergrid newsletter.

The Friends of the Supergrid is an Association promoting the policy agenda for a European Supergrid. It combines companies in sectors that will deliver the High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC) infrastructure and related technology, together with others that will develop, install, own and operate that infrastructure.  Friends of the Supergrid advocates for an efficient, interconnected and resilient electricity grid to complement existing national transmission infrastructure. The Supergrid will secure the supply of a sustainable energy mix for Europe. This grid will foster economic welfare for the European citizens and create highly qualified jobs.

MEDOW’s appearance in the FOSG newsletter is an excellent way to bring the project to the attention of a wide range of people and organisations which have a technical, political or economic interest in our field of work.

April 2015
MEDOW appears in the Horizon2020 Project Portal magazine (pp. 134-136).

March 2015
An article on MEDOW appears in Offshore Wind Journal, a quarterly publication which brings together stakeholders in the offshore wind  industry under one umbrella and projects these as a whole to its readership.

Another story about the project is published in Wind & Wave Connect magazine, which is an established supply chain magazine and directory combined, read by over 3,000 decision makers from the UK wind and wave supply chain.

Both these articles are excellent ways to communicate what MEDOW is doing to the wider offshore wind power community.

March 2015
MEDOW researchers’ contributions to the IET ACDC 2015 conference are highlighted in

January 2015
The January 2015 newsletter of the US’s Wired in USA contains a story about MEDOW.  The audience of Wired in USA are stakeholders in the wire and cable industry.   This article helps to spread the word about MEDOW beyond Europe.

January 2015
MEDOW is featured in a short article on offshore wind in German language site Access2Grid.

January 2015
A Spanish language article on MEDOW appears in SmartGridsInfo, a leading online platform for news and updates from the world of smart electric grids and networks

January 2015
An article about MEDOW appears on the European Commission’s CORDIS (Community Research and Development Information Service) website.  CORDIS is the European Commission’s primary public repository and portal to disseminate information on all EU-funded research projects and their results.

The article was the disseminated in German language website on 20/01/2015 and  in Product Design and Development magazine’s website on 01/02/2015

December 2014
A press release about MEDOW and the new collaborative partnership between KU Leuven and Cardiff University was issued on Thursday 4 December and has been published widely:

28/12/2014: UK manufacturing journal Machinery Market runs a story about MEDOW’s aims and objectives.

18/12/2014: ‘cleantech’ website CleanTechnica has an article about MEDOW which focusses on the end result which we hope our research will contriubute to: a European Supergrid

18/12/2014: a Spanish language article on MEDOW appears in Elperiódicodelaenergí, which is an online newspaper specialising in energy news.

17/12/2014: is a leading web-based science, research and technology news service which covers a full range of topics. Launched in 2004,’s readership has grown steadily to include 1.75 million scientists, researchers, and engineers every month.  They have published an article on MEDOW in the context of wind power in Europe.

17/12/2014: an Italian language article on MEDOW appears in  Articles which are not in English help us to reach a wider audience!

16/12/2014: Renewable Energy Magazine publishes a story about MEDOW on its website.

11/12/2014: MEDOW features in the Efficient Energy December 2014 newsletter. is a website that provides energy professionals with up-to-date news and information on a range of energy-related topics, components, equipment, materials and services.

11/12/2014: recruitment company Shirley Parsons Associates posts a story about MEDOW on its website.

09/12/2014: an article appears in News Wales whose audience is the general public in Wales.  This is a really good way to let people outside the research community know about the project and its aims.

09/12/2014: MEDOW features in the Smart Energy Journal, an online journal which collects the latest news from across the energy industry.

09/12/2014: the MEDOW press release has also been picked up by EMS Recruitment.  This will bring the story to audiences in the manufacturing industry.

08/12/2014: a news item appears on the Cardiff University website.  It highlights the meeting in Cardiff of academic and research management staff from across Europe under the umbrella of the Vision2020 network which aims to facilitate collaboration in EU Horizon2020-funded projects. MEDOW PI Jun Liang can be seen in the photo!

08/12/2014: a story appears on the Energy Live News website. ELN is a leading dedicated energy news site in the UK.  It aims to make energy issues easy to understand to both the b2b (business-to-business) sector and the casual reader.

08/12/2014: MEDOW appears in an article on wind power on, a market-leading information resource driving sustainability in business.  This helps bring the work of MEDOW  to the attention of companies which might be able to use and exploit our results.

08/12/2014: SeeNews: Renewables has also published a short article on MEDOW.

08/12/2014: the press release has been picked up by recruitment company Capita Resourcing, which has published a story about the project on its website.

07/12/2014: an article on MEDOW appears in Wales Online  whose audience is the general public in Wales and the rest of the UK.  This article also highlights the partnership between Cardiff University and KU Leuven as well as pointing out the role that offshore wind power will be able to play in Europe’s future.

A version of the article also appears in the print version of the news paper on 10 December 2014.

07/12/2014: the website of the All Energy Conference publishes a short notice about MEDOW.

05/12/2014: a news story about MEDOW, wind power and the benefits of collaboration appears on the OffshoreWind website.  This website delivers news and coverage of the industry sectors involved in offshore wind power.  This includes news and updates on wind farms, projects, markets, vessels, equipment, turbines, research, contractors and the authorities dominating these markets.

05/12/2014: a short post about MEDOW appears on, a US renewable energy news website and on  This helps to communicate MEDOW outside of Europe.

05/12/2014: an article on MEDOW appears in the  renewable energy news-site reNews.  reNews is an “electronic newspaper” and real time news website tracking the renewable energy market.  Its audience includes utilities, developers, contractors, consultancies, government bodies, NGO’s, turbine manufacturers, marine technology companies and those in the services industry.  The piece highlights the long-term collaborative partnership between MEDOW partners Cardiff University and KU Leuven which the two institutions formally agreed earlier this Autumn.


November 2014
MEDOW now appears on the European Commission’s Energy Research Knowledge Centre‘s database of energy research projects.  This will allow:
– other research networks and groups to access details about our work;
– the European public to see how their taxes fund research into energy and how MEDOW fits into the wider portfolio of energy research in Europe.

The Energy Research Knowledge Centre (ERKC) is offered by the Strategic Energy Technology Information System (SETIS), the body which leads the implementation of  the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET-Plan).

The SET-Plan is the EU’s strategic plan  to accelerate the development and deployment of cost-effective low carbon technologies. The plan comprises measures relating to planning, implementation, resources and international cooperation in the field of energy technology.

ERKC homepage

SETIS homepage

SET-plan homepage

October 2014, Porto
‘MEDOW In One Minute’ is a short film about the project and life as a Marie Curie fellow.  The film was made by our colleagues at Universidade do Porto and stars the MEDOW Early Stage Researchers!


September 2014, India
The MEDOW project and its ESR Mohammad Meraj Alam are featured in the national newspaper of India, The Times of India.  This newspaper has an extremely large and varied audience in India and beyond, including the general public.

September 2014, India
Feature on the MEDOW project and its ESR Mohammad Meraj Alam in the Hindustan Times, which has a large readership in India.

September 2014, India
ESR Mohammad Meraj Alam’s work in the MEDOW project is highlighted in the news bulletin of his former university, Aligarh Muslim University, and on the website of the Two Circles network.  The audience of these two sites includes research staff and students as well as members of the public.

March 2014, Europe
Article on MEDOW in the VSC-HVDC Newsletter, volume 2, issue 3, March 2014.  The newsletter is produced by the University of Manchester in association with SuperGen Wind and Supergen HubNet (full newsletter not available for copyright reasons).  The newsletter’s audience is based in the research community.

March 2014, Cardiff, UK
Project leader Dr Jun Liang talks about MEDOW to the national newspaper of Wales
Dr Liang is taking part in the Welsh Crucible 2014, a programme of personal, professional and leadership development for the future research leaders of Wales. The programme supports research-inspired innovation and cross-disciplinary collaboration in Wales.  You can see Dr Liang’s statement to The Western Mail about his research work in power systems and HVDC here.  The article about Dr Liang is accessible to a wide range of audiences.

Spring 2014
MEDOW is mentioned in the International Energy Agency’s  2013 Annual Report on Wind (IEA Wind) as an example of European investment in wind power innovation