HVDC and Wind Power events

MEDOW has attended the following events:

RTDS European Users’ Group Meeting, 16 September 2016, Glasgow, UK, including presentation on Sub-synchronous resonance testing and damping in an AC/DC network using real-time hardware-in-the-loop framework by Tibin Joseph.

7th annual HVDC colloquium, 14-16 September 2016, Porto, Portugal including presentations by Ataollah Mokhberdoran, Abel Ferreira, Jorge Gonçalves, Kevin Schönleber, Mohammad Meraj Alam and Marc Cheah.

IEEE PES General Meeting, Boston, 17-21 July 2016, Florence, Italy 07-10 June 2016, including papers presented by Jayachandra N. Sakamuri, Marc Cheah.

16th IEEE International Conference on Environment and Electrical Engineering, Florence, Italy 07-10 June 2016, including papers presented by Ataollah Mokhberdoran, Abel Ferreira and Muhammad Raza and a technical session chaired by Abel Ferreira

IET ACDC 2016, Beijing, China, 28-29 May 2016, including a paper by Abel Ferreira and a poster co-presented by Gen Li

8th International Power Electronics and Motion Control Conference – ECCE Asia (IPEMC 2016-ECCE Asia), Hefei, China, 22-25 May 2016, including a paper by Gen Li

International Exhibition and Conference for Power Electronics, Intelligent Motion, Renewable Energy and Energy Management PCIM2016, Nuremburg, 10-12 May 2016, including a poster presented by Rodrigo Teixeira-Pinto

IEEE International Energy Conference, EnergyCon 2016, Leuven, 04 – 08 April 2016, including papers by Jayachandra Sakamuri and Robert Renner and am outreach activity in the form of a Special Session on Offshore Wind and HVDC Grids with Friends of the Supergrid.

13th 2016 Deep Sea Offshore Wind R&D Conference, Trondheim, 20 – 22 January 2016, including a paper given by Jayachandra Sakamuri

4th International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, Palermo, 22 – 25 November 2015, including a paper by Muhammad Raza on Control System of Voltage Source Converter to Interconnect Offshore AC Hub with Multiple Onshore Grids

European Wind Energy Association Annual Event 2015, Paris, 17 – 20 November 2015 including posters by Muhammad Raza, and Domenico Ricchiuto and Kevin Schönleber

CSEE HVDC and Power Electronics Conference, Beijing, 21 – 23 October 2015
MEDOW Scientist-in-Charge, Dr Jun Liang, was invited to make a keynote speech as the Coordinator and Scientist-in-Charge of the MEDOW project at the 2015 HVDC and Power Electronics Conference of the Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering

PosPow project Wind Energy Systems Workshop, Denmark, October 2015 including a presentation by ESR Jayachandra Naidu on the Importance of Down-Regulation of WPPs for Power Systems Auxiliary Services

14th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants , Brussels, 20 – 22 October 2015, including papers by Kevin Schönleber and Jayachandra Naidu.

6th Annual HVDC PhD Colloquium, DTU Wind, 16 – 18 September 2015 including presentations by six MEDOW ESRs and ERs: Jayachandra Naidu, Tibin Joseph, Ataollah Mokhberdoran, Sahar Pirooz-Azad, Robert Renner and Marc Cheah.

17th Conference on Power Electronics and Applications – EPE’15-ECCE Europe
Geneva, Switzerland, 08 – 10 September 2015, including papers and poster presented by eight MEDOW researchers

10th Annual CIGRE Canada Conference on Power Systems
Winnipeg, Canada, 31 August – 02 September 2015, including a paper on A New Coordinated Voltage Control Scheme for Offshore AC Grid of HVDC Connected Offshore Wind Power Plants by Jayachandra Naidu (DTU).   Jayachandra can be seen in the photograph on the final page of this excerpt from the CIGRE ELECTRA journal.


2015 IEEE Power & Energy Society General Meeting
Denver, US, 26-30 July 2015, including a paper on Frequency Support from Modular Multilevel Converter Based Multi-Terminal HVDC Schemes co-authored by Marc Cheah and pre-conference presentations of MEDOW to the US government’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) and to the University of Denver by Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto and Oriol Gomis. 

UPC’s Oriol Gomis and Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto arrive at the US National Renewable Energy Laboratory’s Wind Technology Centre to present their work, July 2015








Vision2020 Network – Energy Cluster Inaugural Meeting
Cardiff, UK, 22-23 July 2015. MEDOW took part in an exhibition as part of the first meeting of the Energy Cluster.  The focus of the meeting with the EU’s Horizon 2020 ‘Secure, clean and efficient energy’ work programme.  The European Commission, a large number of leading EU universities and many renewable energy innovation companies were represented at the meeting.

Project Officer Cath Roderick discusses MEDOW with Alan Haigh, Head of Department for Horizon 2020 Energy & Transport, INEA Executive Agency, European Commission at the Vision2020 Energy Cluster meeting, July 2015


WINDFARMS 2015- International Colloquium on Large Wind Power Plants: Interaction, Control and Integration
KU Leuven, Belgium, 08 – 10 July 2015, including a paper by Jayachandra Naidu of DTU on Improved Frequency & DC Grid Voltage Control from Offshore Wind Power Plants in a HVDC Grid.

IEEE PowerTech 2015
Eindhoven, Netherlands, 29 June – 02 July 2015, including a paper by Tibin Joseph on Subsynchronous Oscillatory Stability Analysis of an AC/DC Transmission System

2nd Annual Conference for the EPSRC Centre for Power Electronics
Nottingham, UK, 29-30 June 2015, including a poster by Jorge Gonçalves on Dynamic Current Limits to Manage IGBT Temperature in Modular Multilevel Converters for HVDC Applications

International Conference on Power Systems Transients 2015
Cavtat, Croatia, 15 – 18 June 2015, including a paper by ER Sahar Pirooz Azad on Fast Breaker Failure Backup Protection for HVDC Grids

The 23rd International Conference and Exhibition on Electricity Distribution
Lyon, 15-18 June 2015.  MEDOW partner EFACEC will exhibit at the event and will distribute information about MEDOW.

9th International Conference on Power Electronics – ECCE Asia (ICPE 2015-ECCE Asia)
Seoul, Korea, 01-05 June 2015, including a paper by ESR Abel Ferreira and ER Rodrigo Teixeira-Pinto on Elimination of MMC Differential Currents via a feedback LTI control system

Lund, Sweden, 27 – 28 May 2015, including a paper by ESR Mohammad Meraj Alam on Investigating distance relay behaviour on an EHV AC lines connected with voltage source converter based HVDC

OPAL-RT European User Group Conference
Barcelona, Spain, 27-28 May 2015, including a presentation by Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto on Optimal Power Flow in MTDC Networks for large Offshore Wind Power Plants: Validation of the Distributed Voltage Control Strategy.

Friends of the Supergrid working session on supergrid related projects
Brussels, 7 May 2015: Prof Dirk Van Hertem represented and presented MEDOW at this workshop led by Friends of the Supergrid.  The aim of the workshop was to gather information on what research is taking place in Europe which will contribute to the future European supergrid at technical, regulatory and policy levels.

The 11th IET International Conference on AC and DC Power Transmission
Birmingham, UK, 10 – 12 February 2015, including papers by Robert Renner, Alejandro Bayo Salas and Agustí Egea-Alvarez

IX International Conference on Energy Innovation: Power Electronics in the Grid: HVDC & FACTS
Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Barcelona, 28 November 2014, conference organised by Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt and including a session on The North Sea Transnational Grid by ER Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto (UPC)

13th International Workshop on Large-Scale Integration of Wind Power into Power Systems as well as on Transmission Networks for Offshore Wind Power Plants in Berlin, Germany, 11-13 November 2014, including a paper on Multi-infeed control of VSC-HVDC transmission system for offshore wind power plant integration given by Muhammad Raza (UPC)

Workshop at Institute of Electric Energy Systems and High-Voltage Technology (IEH) at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT)
Karlsruhe, Germany, 10 November 2014, with a presentation on the MEDOW project in Barcelona by Kevin Schönleber

2nd Manchester Electrical Energy and Power Systems Workshop (MEEPS) on Future Trends & Applications in HVDC
IEEE Student Branch PES Chapter at the University of Manchester, UK, 07 November 2014, including a poster by Cardiff ESRs Marc Cheah-Mañé and presentation by Jorge Gonçalves

4th OffshoreDC Annual Workshop
VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Espoo, Finland, 29 October 2014, including a presentation about MEDOW to staff from the Offshore DC consortium’s industrial and academic partners by Dr Jun Liang  www.offshoredc.dk

DUWIND-TU Delft Technology for Offshore Wind Course
Tu Delft, Netherlands, 22-23 October 2014, including a session on Electrical Systems and Grid Integration by Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto

Industry 4.0 Talks i-Mosyde Cluster Conference
Ghent, Belgium, 21 October 2014, including a presentation on RT control of multi-terminal networks for the North Sea Grid, using Opal-RT and TriPhase embedded systems by Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto (UPC)

IET 3rd Renewable Power Generation Conference (RPG™)
Naples, Italy, 24-25 September 2014, including a paper presented by MEDOW ESR Ataollah Mokhberdoran (EFACEC/Universidade do Porto)

CITCEA-UPC, 15 September 2014, including a paper on Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator for Wind Turbines: Modelling, Control and Inertial Frequency Response by Marc Cheah of CU

Danish Smart Grid Research Network event: “Wind and the Smart Grid”
Vestas Technology, Aarhus, 5 September 2014 including a poster by ESR Jayachandra Naidu of DTU

49th International Universities’ Power Engineering Conference, UPEC 2014
Technical University of Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2 – 5 September 2014 including a paper presented by MEDOW ESR Marc Cheah-Mañé (Cardiff University)

Energy Institute South Western & South Wales Branch Student Presentation Competition
Cardiff University, 28 August 2014 including presentations on their MEDOW work by Tibin Joseph and Gen Li.  Tibin was the competition winner – congratulations!

The 16th European Conference on Power Electronics and Applications, EPE ’14 ECCE EUROPE
Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, 26 – 28 August 2014 including a paper presented by MEDOW ESR Abel Ferreira (Cinergia/UPC)

5th Annual HVDC PhD Colloquium, Imperial College London, July 2014 including presentations by three MEDOW ESRs: Jayachandra Naidu, Alejandro Bayo Salas, Robert Renner

3rd International Conference on Smart Grid and Green IT Systems (SMARTGREENS), Barcelona, April 2014 including a paper byMEDOW ESR  Muhammad Raza (UPC)

Workshop on HVDC Towards the Future Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, April 2014 including presentations by three MEDOW ESRs: Abel Ferreira, Muhammad Raza, Kevin Schönleber

EES-UETP Course on HVDC and HVDC Grids for Future Transmission, KU Leuven, December 2013

OffshoreDC 3rd Annual Workshop – 19 November 2013 (DONG Energy), Copenhagen, November 2013

VIII International Conference on Energy Innovation: “Wind power to the grid”, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, October 2013

EPSRC SuperGen HubNet Smart Grids Symposium, Cardiff University, September 2013

4th Annual HVDC PhD Colloquium, Katholieke Universiteit Leuven, July 2013

Opening of UK Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council Centre for Power Electronics, University of Nottingham, July 2013

MEDOW ESRs at the 5th HVDC PhD Colloquium, July 2014 (also present: Jorge Gonçalves)
MEDOW ESRs at the 5th HVDC PhD Colloquium, July 2014 (also present: Jorge Gonçalves)