Winter 2015 – Leuven and Brussels

The Winter 2015 meeting took place at Elia System Operator (Brussels) and KU Leuven 19 – 23 January 2015.


Visiting Scientist Dr Norman MacLeod joined us for the Assembly Meeting and to deliver two lectures on Thursday 22 January.

Researcher training included:

– Complementary skills
Training on ‘Time and Self Management‘.

– Industry day with Elia System Operator:  this included talks on the innovation process by Alexandre Torreele, Head of Strategy and Innovation – Project Execution, on network security and on the role of Elia Grid International by Olivier  Bronckart and on HVDC research topics for VSC-HVDC installations by Johan Rimez of the Technical Governance & Expertise division.   Researchers then visited the National Control Centre and attended a talk by Luc Huybrechts on the role of the NCC.

Assembly Meeting: as work package groups, researchers presented their work.

Lectures on ‘Recent Developments in HVDC‘ and ‘Career routes after an engineering PhD‘ by Visiting Scientist Dr Norman MacLeod

– Two-part short course on ‘Small-System Model of AC-DC Systems’, delivered by MEDOW Experienced Researchers Sahar Pirooz Azad and Rodrigo Teixeira Pinto