Summer 2014 – Porto

The Summer 2014 meeting took place at Universidade do Porto 30 June – 04 July 2014.


Visiting Scientist Professor Boon-Teck Ooi of McGill University, Montreal, participated in the event from Monday to Thursday.

Researcher training included:

– Complementary skills
Training on intellectual property, patents, use of online databases and citations.

– Visit to EDP Renováveis wind farm control centre. See report

– Visit to Enercon wind turbine manufacturing plant.  See report 1 and report 2.

– Research workshop
Each ESR gave a presentation on his progress and research to Visiting Scientist Professor Boon Teck Ooi (McGill University, Montreal) and supervisors from MEDOW partners, including industry partners.

– Two lectures on MMC multi-terminal HVDC from Visiting Scientist Professor Ooi
See the reports on lecture 1 and lecture 2

– Research Work Package meetings
Meetings with other ESRs and Work Package leaders to co-ordinate the WP’s activities and support collaboration

– Public outreach activity
Preparation of ‘MEDOW In One Minute‘ films for public dissemination

– Visit to MEDOW partner organisation EFACEC
Researchers learned about the construction and manufacture of transformers and switchgear as well as about how EFACEC operates as a private sector company and the competencies required from employees.  See report

– Guest lectures from:

António Vidigal, CEO of EDP Innovation (Energias de Portugal Inovação).  See report

Victor Baptista, the Director General of REN (Redes Energéticas Nacionais)

Ana Aguado Cornago, CEO of Friends of the Supergrid.  See report

Marco Peronaci, Deputy Permanent Representative of Italy to the European Union.  See report