Mohammad Meraj Alam

Mohammad Meraj Alam

Mohammad is from India and is the MEDOW ESR at Universidade do Porto.  He has a MTech in Power Systems from the Indian Institute of Technology, New Delhi (IIT DELHI)  and a Bachelor of Technology in Electrical Engineering from Aligarh Muslim University (AMU Aligarh).  During his studies at IIT, he spent some time in INP Grenoble, France with an Erasmus Mundus exchange scholarship.

Since completing his Masters degree in 2012, Mohammad has been working as an R&D Engineer/Technologist in GE ENERGY in product development for MV/LV Drives and Real Time simulators for drive application on FPGA platforms for wind and solar power. He has also been involved in the design and modeling of MV drives, filters, inverters and front end on MATLAB and PLECS platform.

His research interests include renewable energy generation, distributed generation, smart grids and micro grids, power system analysis, protection, dynamics and power electronics.

Motivated to pursue a PhD in order to build on his Masters work and to continue to learn and research, Mohammad applied to join the MEDOW network in order to benefit from the shared experience of its international partners and to make a contribution to society and the planet through the development of renewable energy technologies.

His MEDOW project on “Protection of networks supplied from multi-terminal DC grids” will lead him to investigate the impact on AC protection systems of being linked to DC grids and to identify solutions to reduce this impact. He will look into the feasibility of upgrading protection provided by AC grids to accommodate offshore wind power through DC grids and will aim to develop a protection algorithm suitable for DC grids.

Mohammad hopes that his time as a Marie Curie Fellow will give him a firm foundation for a career in the field of renewable energy integration, with a specific interest in the provision of cost effective power for people in disadvantaged and remote regions. He is very interested in the future possibility of a universal grid allowing power to be exchanged from areas with surplus to areas in need.

In his spare time, Mohammad enjoys current affairs, films, blogging, cooking, sightseeing and spending time with family.