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scintillabarScintilla is an international peer-reviewed journal that explores the latest critical approaches to seventeenth-century English literature while celebrating the best in contemporary ‘metaphysical’ poetry and prose. We are now entering our 23rd year and continue to draw support, inspiration, and critical rigour from the annual Colloquium of The Vaughan Association held in Brecon, Wales. The Colloquium is held each year on the weekend closest to the 23rd of April, the anniversary of the death of Henry Vaughan.


Scintilla is published by the Vaughan Association (formerly the UVVA), founded in the tercentenary year of Henry Vaughan’s death, 23 April 1695; with financial support from the Arts Council of Wales.
The Vaughan Association exists to explore, celebrate, and question the works and lives of Henry Vaughan, poet anddoctor, and his twin brother, the famous alchemist Thomas Vaughan, while encouraging the work of modern writers and artists.

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Prose and poetry selections are usually made around the early part of December and, occasionally in busy years, in the early part of January. Please wait until this time for notification of those that will be included in the next issue.



‘The central concern is with [perceptions of] the interaction between humanity and

the matter of the universe, whether cosmic or terrestrial, and above all with
the interaction between contemporary writers and these ideas. This intersection
strikes the spark, the scintilla, of the title. The other themes … establish
ideas of continuing interest: the processes of reading and writing in relation
to healing,

language in relation to spiritual or liminal experience, metaphysics

in relation to modern science … Production values are high, there’s a
live liness about the whole undertaking: subscribe!’ [Linda Adams, New
elsh Review.]

‘… a wide range of essays … There is a lot here that is creatively provocative … It is crucial
that the new poems are part of Scintilla’s enterprise … Some of the poems seem to me primary …
Openness to experience and to other people, to new forms in some cases, and an unsettledness as to
our relationship with the universe and our inner lives perhaps are the marks I’m referring to
…’ [David Hart, Poetry Wales.]

‘… not only a handsome production but, in contents, one of the most remarkable new
arrivals on the Welsh literary scene
…’ [Poetry

Nation Review.]


Editorial Board

General Editor: Joseph Sterrett, Associate Professor of English Literature, Aarhus University, Denmark
Poetry Editor:

Damian Walford Davies, Pro Vice-Chancellor, Cardiff University and

Katherine Stansfield, poet, novelist and Lecturer in Creative Writing at The Open University
Prose Editor: Erik Ankerberg, Provost, Concordia University, USA


Alan Rudrum, Professor Emeritus, Simon Fraser University, Canada

Donald Dickson, Professor of English, Texas A&M University, USA

Helen Wilcox, Professor of English, Bangor University, Wales

Sean McDowell, Associate Professor of English, University of Seattle


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