Scintilla 9


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 7
Jeremy Hooker Nostalgia and the Kiss of Life 9
Ian Caws Thistledown 25
The Potter 26
Stephen Parr Bridge of Mornings 27
Peter Gruffydd Matters of Survival 29
Robert Wilcher The darkened scribe and the blessed man: changing uses of allusion in the work of Henry Vaughan 38
Gordon Kennedy animal pilgrimage 53
Brendan McMahon Black 54
Witness 54
Robin Ford As Albatross 55
Phil Maillard Two for Mnemosyne 56
Gabriel Griffin Roller Kids 59
Michael Thomas A Mouth Full of Pegs 61
Cast!etownroche, North Cork 62
Gary Allen The Mountain 64
On high 64
Anxiety 65
Graham Hartill Bhopal 67
Rose Flint The Source 68
Philip West Silex Scintillans and the “public” 70
Open Poetry Competition
Adjudications 86
Short Poems
Lynne Rees The Fright Box 91
Joan Poulson Relics 92
Mary MacRae The Various Light 94
Short Poems – Commended
Christine Coleman Skin Skin 95
Fiona Owen Door 96
Jane Routh Sula Sgeir 97
Frances Thompson Mrs Jones 98
Pat Borthwick In Praise of Things 107
Long Poems
Myra Schneider Core 100
Pat Borthwick All Things Being Equal 104
Daphne Gloag The Beginning 109
Long Poems – Commended
Gabriel Griffin Transumanza 117
Lucy Hamilton Sonnets for my Mother 120
David Hart Feldman says, if anyone asks 123
Victoria Pugh Talking Cure 128
Anne Ryland The Girl with Silver Hands 130
David Scott Priest as Poet 134
Prayer and the Hair Salon 141
Resurrection 142
Lotte Kramer St. Mary’s Altar by Tilman Riemenschneider at Creglingen 143
Under the Stairs 144
Stuart B. Campbell Prologue 145
Lisa Darr Salome Holding the Head of Saint John the Baptist 147
Lucy Calcott The Red Tent 148
Ruth Bidgood Clasped Hands 149
Lynne Wycherley Darwin Waits for his Wife 150
A Menhir for the Cathars 151
Neil Curry A Word with Bede 152
Barbara Coulton The Poet and the Preacher: Henry Vaughan and Vavasor Powell in their place and time 155
Patricia McCarthy Walking Out 175
I Will 176
Close Watch 177
Linda Black I think of you 179
Kate North Sleep Disorder 181
Caroline Price Chair Lift 185
Lac Negre 186
Fiona Owen Gwen 187
Donald R. Dickson Henry Vaughan’s Medical Library 189
Paul Groves Reprieve 210
Geoff Slater Mud Woman 211
Anne Ryland An Overflow of Letters 216
The Marathon Runner 218
Jill Dawson The Place of Renewal/Sculpting the Light 219
Michael Heery To Mary Takahama 220
Selwyn Pritchard Penultimate 221



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