Scintilla 17

Table of Contents


Author Title #
Preface 9
Robert Wilcher Henry Vaughan’s Borrowings in the Secular Poems: Plagiarism, Imitation, Allusion 11
Andie Lewenstein Genesis 29
Ruth Bidgood Source 30
Meredith Andrea Tributary 31
Ephemera 32
Roger Garfitt Ladywell 33
Ric Hool Boot Hill 34
December: Remote 35
Naomi Marklew Silex Scintillians: Henry Vaughan’s Interregnum Elegy 36
Elizabeth Barrett Morgan’s Revenge 53
Even the Salt Sea 54
Myra Scneider Breathing Space 56
Doiran Williams Fughetta 58
Regina Walton Exemplum 59
On the Feast of Bernard of Clairvaux 60
Michael Martin Dat rosa mel apibus 61
Eve Jackson Bedazzled by Beetles 62
Tony Brown Journey without Maps: R. S. Thomas’s Unpublished Exphrastic Poems 63
Stecie Krayer Arachnophilia 82
Helen Overell Quadrat 83
Alison Brackenbury Skies 84
Phil Maillard The Confidence of Swallows 85
Patrick Bond Abbey Dore 86
Ambassadors of the Limits 87
Jeremy Hooker Abbey Dore 89
St. Bride’s, Llansantffraed 91
Colleen Wethered ‘The watches of the night’: Henry Vaughan and R. S. Thomas 92
Hilary Davies In the Neuadd Valley, Brecon Beacons 101
Charles Wilkinson Of the Red and the White Books/From ‘The First Branch’: Rhiannon Riding 102
John Freeman On the Field of Battle 104
Anne Cluysenaar ‘It was marvellous and actual’: In Memory of Seamus Heaney 106
On receiving from Michael Srigley a letter about ‘Crossings, xxxvi’ in Seamus Heaney’s Seeing Things 107
After the launch of Moved by the Spirits, poems in Polish with translations 108
William Oxley Resting Suns 109
Graham Parry ‘An unsettled mind in unsettled times’: The Poems of John Collop 111
Sam Adams Concerning the Reverend George and Sarah Williams – a fragment of family history in seven episodes 119
Jock Stein The Father’s hands 127
W.D. Jackson From: ‘A Giotto Triptych’ 128
Dilys Wood Someone not far from here has been waiting 130
Rupert M. Loydell Need to Know 132
Mike Jenkins Dark Ice 133
Katerina Fretwell Hey Death, 134
John Powell Ward Ecce Homo 135
Erik Ankerberg The Poetry of Wallce Stevens and the Purposes of Ardour 136
Jan Fortune VI. A Litany for Cwmorthin 151
David Hart Drift 153
Kate Foley A Table is the Still Life of a Tree 156
Margaret Wilmot Like Trees Shaped By A Prevailing Wind 157
Niall McDevitt A Mother 165
Kay Cotton The Labours of Hercules 166
Christoper Norris Soul and Form 170
Sarah Lindon Owl hallow 178
Colin Moss Making 179
Greg Miller Concert to Mary, La Sainte Chapelle, after a mission to South Sudan during a time of war 180
Jay Ramsay Josselin 182
Alan Payne Mount Ballow 183
Tony Curtis Wyeth’s Liberty Launch 184
Aidan Dun Colorado 185
Jeremy Hooker Heartlands: on some poems by Ruth Bidgood and Christopher Meredith 186
Graham Hartill The Unvocation of Kuya 201
Roselle Angwin Buddha Garden, Gardoussel 203
September (Gardoussel) 204
Paul Matthews Oracles 205
Rose Flint Something That Loves Us 209
Victoria Field Sunday on Iona 210
Veil 211
Hubert Moore Feeders 212
Outfits 213
Seán Street White as Jasmine 214
Contributors to this Issue 215





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