Scintilla 15


Table of Contents


Author Title #
Roger Hubank Without Contraries is no Progression: William Blake’s ‘Songs of Innocence and of Experience’ 9
Rowan Williams To the City 30
Tony Connor No 1 in A Minor 32
Doiran Williams St Teilo at St Fagans 33
Jeremy Hilton the night watch 34
Marion Tr acy Corn Crake 36
Jill To wnsend Twist 37
William Oxley Natural Living All Around Me 38
Kenneth Steven Spiders 39
Neil Curry Holy George Herbert 41
Amanda Lloyd Stone Walled 52
Sheila Bryer Bearing 54
Alison Brackenbury Anish Kapoor 55
The Scent of Bluebells 56
Ruth Bidgood More of the Same 57
Gary AJlen After a painting by an unknown Dutch artist 58
Linda Saunders The Pool 59
Kim Ta plin At L’Avaloue 60
Christine McNeill I became a famous artist in old age 61
Julia J Smith The “unchangeable Seasons of the Delightfull year”: Transcience and Eternity in Thomas Traherne’s View of the Natural World 63
Huw Jones Lines for my Mother 78
John Killick Looking For My Death 83
Susan Bassnett Poems for Geoffrey 84
Martina Thomson Sandstorm 86
Clare Crossman What Winter did to the Rope 87
Elizabeth Ford News from heaven’: Will Kemp in Titus Andronicus 89
Dilys Wood Moving House 108
Rowenna Hulton A Fallen Nest 110
Brenda Lealman A169 111
Boulby 113
R ichard W Halperin Penelope 115
Sam Howell Echoes Forever 116
Clare Holtham Elegy for the Buddhas of Bamyan 117
Exile in Breconshire: The Double Displacement of Henry Vaughan 119
Jeremy Hooker Father, painting 129
Friend with a sunburst 130
Helen Overell Lacemakers, Chartres 131
Daphne Gloag Turner at Petworth House 133
David Greenslade Corvine Date – True Story 135
Myra Schneider The Stone 137
Graham Hartill Something 139
Allan Wilcox Nicodemus and ‘The Night’ 141
Glyn Hughes At Bolton Abbey 156
The Fowler 159
Ted Walter Where leaves are massed 160
Cavatina 161
Anne Cluysenaar From a Diary 162
Heather Coffey Near Chinnor 164
Sean Street On Not Being T here 165
Jeremy Hooker Marches of the Spirit 167



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