Scintilla 5


Table of Contents


Author Title #
David Annwn Deep Hymns: ‘Holy’ Orpheus in the Poetry of Henry Vaughan, John Milton and Ronald Johnson 7
Henry Vaughan/Geoffrey Palmer Awake, Glad Heart! 23
Hilary Llewellyn-Williams Making Landfall 27
Anna Adams Memorials 28
Millennial Funerals 29
Fred Johnston Shadowing 31
To An Old Lover Glimpsed In A Window 32
Kate Foley Hearth Prayer 35
Par vin Loloi Henry Vaughan and Sufism 37
Jeremy Hooker City Walking (2) 51
Ruth Bidgood Inward Eye 53
Pictures of Zeugma 53
Anne Cluysenaar Stilled 55
Choosing 57
That Undiscovered Place 59
Alan Rudrum Henry Vaughan and Rowland Watkyns, neighbours but not friends 61
Second Open Poetry Competition 73
Adjudication by Jeremy Hooker 74
Myra Schneider Voice Box  (1st Prize) 75
Paul Cowlan Fire to The Frost (2nd Prize) 84
Roy Ashwell Towards and Unknown Ending (Joint 86
Ron Phillips Woodsmoke                            3rd Prize) 89
Roland Mathias The Midlands: Introductions and Identifications 93
Steven Taylor A Short History of Wales 105
Abbreviated History of Wales 106
Gary Allen The North 107
Return to Gal way 108
Walking to the Islands 109
Graham Hartill A Place To Stand 110
Glyn Pursglove Bright Shadows: the religious wit of Henry Vaughan 117
John Barnie Glockenspiel 139
Easter 3000 140
We Are An Experiment 141
Mission Statement 142
Neil Curry Icon 143
Angela Morton Fish 144
Susan Serrano The Brazier 145
Val Collett Reflection 146
Colin Rowbotham The Monolith 147
Charm against Insomnia 148
Jay Ramsay Getting Through 149
Geoff Stevens The Bell Tent 150
Bruce James Wood-Pigeons 151
June Sturrock Cock-crowing 152
Ian Caws Comet 159
Acorns 160
Phil Maillard Walk To night 161
Llantarnham (2) 163
Coming Out Of Films 165
Carole Montoya In Shingo where Jesus lived to be 106 and Died 168
Hilary Llewellyn-Williams Land of Darkness – the Poet in the the Underworld 171
Mike Parker Clearly Something 179
Alex Barr Llanelli Beach 180
Catherine Fisher From The Sunken Kingdom 181
Elisabeth Standen Key 184
Lance Lee The Deer 185
Greve] Lindop Lighting The First Fire of Au tumn 186
Hubert Moore Nightingale 188


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